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DJ Francisco is a great Wedding DJ Houston. He has displayed his knowledge and kind-heartedness through his YouTube channel. See for yourself, “Wedding Program or Itinerary Tutorial.” With over 20 years of wedding entertainment experience, you can’t go wrong by hiring DJ Francisco as your Wedding DJ if your event is Near Houston!

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A Wedding DJ is just music.

Music is a big part of the wedding reception, and it does make sense that people think that the DJ is only music. That’s not entirely true. Now I could make a long list of everything a DJ does, but that would be pretty boring.

Music will set the mood of the event. During the Ceremony, you can set a church ambient by playing classical music. Even modern music with a violin cover would fit very well.

During the cocktail, a bit more upbeat, maybe like a jazzy ambient would work great.

Dinner, we get a little more modern, love ballads, slow romantic songs, getting a little more danceable towards the end of dinner.

The formal wedding dances, like the first dance for the bride and groom, father and daughter, mother and son, bouquet toss. These are times where everything stops and a song is played to commemorate the current event.

Then the party starts, this is where the DJ can play a variety of genres and music appropriate for the event. Music covers all genres and all age groups.

Yes, a DJ does play music, however, there is much more we do. I’ll cover 3 more things we do for you.

  • 1. Concise Wedding Announcements and Introductions

    As the Wedding Master of Ceremonies, we chose the word concise, because we like to keep announcements SHORT, SWEET, and to the POINT. Long-winded announcements are uncomfortable, and will probably confuse your guests more than give them clear instructions of what is going on or what you want them to do. Also, as a trained Master of Ceremonies, you should know the proper way to introduce a person, and invoke a natural round of applause without having to say it after every name.

    Have you ever witnessed a speaker remind the guests they should be applauding? Well, it’s not the guest’s fault they didn’t know to applaud. It’s the inexperienced MC’s fault for not delivering the introductions correctly.

  • 2. Music Programming Artists

    Playing music is one thing. You put a playlist together and hit play, right? Well, you could do that. Or you can have a seasoned professional, play songs that he KNOWS are a hit. Cycle through the genres evenly throughout the night. And, what’s best described as, “FEEL” the ambient and adjust accordingly.

    First, the DJ makes an educated guess of what he will begin to play based on the playlist provided by the bride and groom. Second, use a generalized judgment based on the people you see attending. What are the average ages? Do they look outgoing or more laid back? Are they from out of town? These are a few of the mental notes a good DJ starts looking at once the guest starts arriving.

    When the party starts, that will be adjusted based on what people are actually dancing.

    The artistry of it is, there is no set formula, there is no set of rules, the DJ must use his intuition, his knowledge, and his intelligence to select the next song; for EVERY song that is played that night. Song for song, he has to evaluate what is the next best song to play.

    At the same time, choosing from the bride and groom’s list of songs to make sure he plays all their MUST PLAY songs.

  • 3. Sound Engineer/Technician

    Sound Placement is crucial to any event. The sound must flow evenly throughout the room. The sound changes also with the number of guests attending a wedding reception. A 50 person wedding may have two different scenarios. 1. is it in a room that only holds 50 guests? 2. Is it a room that holds 250 guests? A room that holds 250 guests will require a lot of bigger speakers than a room that holds only 50 guests.

    The shape of the room also determines how many speakers a DJ Should take.

    Will there be an outdoor ceremony? It is important to know as the DJ will have to take an additional sound system for the outdoor ceremony.

    Microphone feedback, low volume, during dinner, higher volume during dancing, no music played during speeches, speaking guests placement, are all crucial roles a sound engineer and technician must be able to do easily and on the fly.

Wedding DJ in Houston Texas

What to look for when hiring a Wedding DJ

When hiring a Wedding DJ in Houston, you want to hire one that has the experience, the know-how, and the ability to control the room. He’s the captain of the boat.

Everyone wants to be led on a trip that ends with lots of fun and everyone dancing and being a part of the wedding celebration.

During the first dance, traditional dances, and speeches, all eyes and attention must be focused on the main attraction.

Open Floor Dancing there needs to be some variation and guests should feel like part of the entertainment.

From the fast, upbeat, and energetic songs, to the slow, love ballads, to the in-between dances.  The Wedding DJ has to keep track of who’s been on the dance floor and what they typically like to dance to.

What Makes a Great Wedding DJ?

Happy Bride and Groom

During the booking process, a great wedding DJ asks a lot of questions. One that is interested in your vision for your wedding. We ask questions like what’s your vision for your wedding. Even if you don’t know at the time. A simple answer like, ” I just want everyone to dance,” or “I just want to enjoy my day with my family,” or even “I just want a DJ to do what I tell him to do.”

It’s our job as professionals to take that and start making suggestions on how we can help you achieve that goal.

What you want to avoid is the DJ that “Knows it All.” There is a difference between knowledge and arrogance. An arrogant DJ will not be open to your ideas and will ultimately, do what’s best for him, not you, the client.

On the day of the event, a great DJ will arrive super early to set up. He or she must have the proper music already loaded into his music player or computer. Provide adequate equipment for the size of the venue. Dress properly for the occasion.

Once the event starts, a great DJ wedding DJ will run through the wedding reception program. The DJ should be friendly to the guests and accommodating to any person that comes up to him.

A great wedding DJ will also have a proven track record and organic reviews of past events he’s done.

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