Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony Music is essential for venues that have a place for your Ceremony. Our Wedding Ceremony system consists of 1 (or 2 if requested, free of charge) microphone, One Speaker, and a Laptop or Ipad to play the songs necessary for the wedding ceremony.

We have this included on some of our packages, so please ask about our Ceremony System for your wedding.

Places where we take our Ceremony System include:

  • Twilight Falls
  • The Carriage House
  • The Bell Tower on W34th
  • The Springs Venues (Angleton, Brookshire, Magnolia, Conroe, Wallisville)
  • Alegria Gardens
  • Oak Tree Manor
  • Iron Manor
  •  Briscoe Manor
  • Hoczeit Hall
  • and many other wedding venues.