The Crazy Hour Houston

The Crazy Hour Houston at your Wedding

The Crazy Hour Houston, AKA the “The Crazy Hour” or “Hora Carnaval”. It’s a fun way to energize your party! For Weddings, having la hora loca at your event sparks Lots of fun with all your guests. Additionally, we can energize the party, and add roughly an hour of props and dancing.

La hora loca is organized by your DJ. We bring all the props, glow sticks, foam sticks, party hats, LED Glasses, LED Rings, etc… Everything you need to have a fun Krazy Hour.

La hora loca is done in different countries. Each country has its own traditions. Those countries include Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and now in the United States.

Each country’s La Hora loca is different. For that reason, we will suggest the best way to do it. 

The Crazy Hour Houston Colombiana
The Crazy Hour Houston Colombiana

Read our full write-up on the different Hora Loca for each country.

For those that already know how you want La Hora Loca, we work with your vision.

We just want to thank Frank for his services at our wedding and for all his help throughout the process! We are very grateful; the music was absolutely perfect and the service very professional. I can't say enough wonderful things about his performance as DJ and MC. Anyone would be lucky to have him at their event. He is the best! Thanks again for everything.
placeholder The Best DJ in Houston for FUN Dancing!!