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We are a home-based DJ in Houston. The best part is we can drive to meet you at a halfway point!

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Wedding DJ in Houston

About DJ Francisco

DJ Francisco is an experienced Wedding DJ located on the East side of Houston. He brings 20-plus years of wedding experience to your party.

Top Reasons why you should hire me as your DJ

  • Extensive knowledge of all music Genres from Spanish to English Music.
  • He is bilingual and able to make perfect announcements in Spanish and English.
  • Loves to Dance and have a good time at EVERY PARTY!
  • Nice and Friendly, but loves to take control of the event.
  • Low-key-wedding-planner. He loves to help with his extensive knowledge of how to plan your wedding itinerary. When it applies to your entertainment, he is the expert.
  • OVER 20 years as a Wedding DJ in Houston

What got me started DJing?

I got started DJing around the age of 17 when our church youth group needed to raise money for the activities. Having a Love for Music and Dancing, I jumped both feet forward. I volunteered to play the music at an upcoming fundraiser event. I made the speakers and bought second-hand gear. That consisted of portable walkmans, or CD players, and a few lights. Wasted a full week’s check on CDs and thought, I was ready to DJ the event. The event was a good result, but far from my best work.

Why Do You Want DJ Francisco at Your Event?

I’m very passionate about making people dance. I have taken classes, gone to workshops, and invested in my education as a Master of Ceremonies. I do everything in my power to make sure the event is exactly what my client has imagined their event to be. I have over 200 Reviews, emails, and letters of gratitude from previous clients. Finally, I want to put a smile on your face on the day of your event.