Dancing on a Cloud

dancing on a cloud wedding

Dancing on a Cloud Wedding Effect 

Dancing on a Cloud Wedding Effect is produced with a powerful dry ice machine. It creates a low lying cloud. Not to be confused with fog. Fog is not permitted in many venues. The Cloud effect is produced around the dance floor during a special dance. These include the bride and grooms First dance or a Special Father Daughter dance. Additionally, it’s perfect for Quinceaneras or Sweet 16s. The effect lasts the duration of one song. Furthermore, this allows for magical pictures for the photographer and videographer. #dancingonacloudwedding

Dancing on a Cloud is Safe For All Venues

Our Dancing On A Cloud service will not set off any smoke detectors or alarms. The effect is created by adding dry-ice to heated water. The water is heated up to 80 degrees Celcius. The reaction of Dry Ice into the Boiling Hot water creates a low lying cloud that will evaporate well before reaching any smoke detectors. Elegante Entertainment is trained to safely handle dry-ice and operate the Dry Ice Machines. As a result we safely produce the beautiful cloud effect for a special dance. Check out a few videos below! For more information on this service

Dancing on a Cloud Wedding Pricing

Pricing for dancing on a cloud in the Houston area is different from company to company. You can expect to pay approximately $350 for the effect when your DJ provides the service. When you hire the service individually, you can expect to pay more. The reason for the higher price as a standalone price, is that setup and installation fees apply.

When the DJ is hired to play at your event, all he has to do is load up dancing on a cloud wedding effect machine. Whereas, if you hire the service by itself, an additional technician must be hired to run the dancing on a cloud effect.

The Springs Venues - Dancing on a Cloud

Pavilion at Vida Bela - Dancing Cloud

VIP by La Fontaine - Tidwell

Arabia Shriners Venue

You can buy on on Amazon for like $40

I know people want to help out, and suggest to you how to save money. However, if you follow this advice. You’ll order a machine from Amazon.com, get it, take it to the venue.

Where you’ll find out that;

  1. It’s not allowed.
  2. It’s the wrong Machine. Your Smoke will go straight up in the air. It will NOT stay on the ground.
  3. You’ll need to buy FOG Fluid at $20 more.
  4. It will not give you the a lot of output.
  5.  If you use it you’ll set up every fire alarm in the venue, causing the fire department to show up to your venue. You’ll probably have to pay the Fine for a false alarm. Don’t ask me how I know. People don’t realize how easily those fire alarms are activated.

As Professionals, we have the right tools for the Job. Additionally, not only will that machine not be allowed, it will not give you the effect that you want. The $40, fog machine, will only leave you wishing you’d hire a professional for the job. However, by then, it will be too late to do anything about it.