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Master of Ceremonies

What is a Master of Ceremonies?

A Master of Ceremonies, or MC, is a master of all ceremonies. It’s the individual who will be up in front of the group directing traffic. The Wikipedia definition is

“A master of ceremonies, abbreviated MC or emcee, is the official host of a ceremony, staged event, conference, convention, or similar performance.” 

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What is the role of the MC?

Master of Ceremonies

In a wedding, the master of ceremonies is usually the Wedding DJ or a dedicated MC that is part of the DJ company. The DJ will introduce himself, usually. Additionally, he welcomes the guests if he is a good one. Another role of the MC is to introduce the bridal party, bride and groom. In addition to that, the MC will introduce the person doing a dinner blessing as well as people who will be toasting the bride and groom. Finally, the DJ or MC will introduce all the special dances and special events of the wedding. These events include first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting, and the ending of the wedding reception.

What makes a good MC?

A good master of ceremonies is one who is able to get people’s attention every time he or she gets on the microphone. It may sound like an easy task, but when you have 100+ people walking around and having a private conversation with friends and family. If the MC has no training, he or she will struggle to get everyone’s attention.

The announcements the MC makes must be concise, clear, and easy to follow. Or, Short, Sweet and to the point.

Presentation is also important. A Master of Ceremonies must also dress the part. When I think of Master of Ceremonies, I picture an individual, formally dressed. If it’s a male, then I would expect he would wear a Tuxedo, or at least a formal suit and tie.

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Do you need a Master of Ceremonies for your wedding?

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The answer is YES! Absolutely! There has to be someone out in front and directing people where they need to be and letting them know what’s going on. Now does it have to be a professionally trained master of ceremonies? No, with the proper MC training any family member or guest can be the Master of ceremonies for the wedding. 

Without a master of ceremonies at the wedding, there will be chaos! Nobody will know what’s going on, what to do, or where to go. 

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