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Wedding DJs in Houston

If you’re looking for one of thee best Wedding DJs in Houston, you’ve come to the right page. Elegante Entertainment is a reputable company in the Houston area. We specialize in wedding entertainment and we pride ourselves in giving you the best experience at your wedding reception. 

The Best Wedding DJs in Houston

Wedding DJs in Houston
DJ Francisco (Left) with Happy Bride and Groom

DJ Francisco is one of the Best DJs in Houston when it comes to weddings, quinceaneras, and private party entertainment.  

With over 20 years of wedding entertainment experience, you can rest assured that your event will be in the hands of an entertainment expert. 

Weddings are our passion, we enjoy the challenge of finding out the bride and groom’s goals for their wedding. In addition,  we love coming up with a plan tailored to fit their unique style. Planning the day from the beginning of the event to the last dance. Finally, delivering their vision for them, on that special day.

The #1 Wedding DJs in Houston

Elegante Entertainment has recently been ranked the #1 Wedding DJ in Houston. 

It’s great to be recognized by another publication for the hard work we do for every client of ours. 

We are proud to show this badge, it means a lot to be recognized. We will continue to work hard in the coming years and working with great people throughout the wedding industry will make our job a lot easier. 


Wedding Rule Choice Award

What our Clients say

Happy Bride and Groom
DJ Francisco (Left) with Happy Bride and Groom

We have, what compares to a 99.99% success rate with our clients. All our reviews are organic, meaning, we don’t bribe our clients to give us a review, and most of the time we don’t even ask for a review unless the topic comes up or they ask us where we they can leave a review.

Nowadays, people come up with clever tricks to get reviews.  Cash discounts, gift cards, cash gifts after the event, etc… 

Most of the time, we only find out about a review because we get an email notification. 

That is why we are proud of our “Organic” reviews. They are not a lot, but they are pure.

You can read all our DJ Reviews here.

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