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Quinceanera Sparklers Indoors – Rent 2-8

Quinceanera Dancing on the Clouds and Sparklers
Sparklers Indoors and Dancing on the Clouds



Quinceanera Sparkler Rental on 7/24/2021 at Alegria Gardens Clay Road

Video Courtesy of Alegria Gardens
DJ: Elegante Entertainment
Master of Ceremonies: Rumba Tony Productions
Indoor Sparklers: Elegante Sparklers
Venue: Alegria Gardens at Clay Location

Quinceanera Sparklers Indoors Testing

Quinceanera at Alegria Gardens on Clay Road.

Sweet 16 Sparklers at Alegria Gardens at Stacy

This event is on June 4, 2021, as I type this I am at the event, during dinner posting the Instagram video

Sweet 16 Sparklers for Father and Daughter Dance

Cold Spark Machines for Quinceaneras

We offer Cold Sparkler Machine rentals or cold spark machines for Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 sparklers. Enhance your father-daughter or mother-daughter dance with some sparklers in the background as you share this special dance. These machines can also be used during the grand introductions of the quinceanera or sweet 16 Girl as her parents present her to her community. Indoor sparklers have many uses. The rental is approximately 2 hours of use. This allows you to use the machines many times throughout the night.

Rent Cold Sparkler Non-Flame Unit Special Effects for Events and concerts and parties. This effect is an amazing no-flame product and, to our knowledge, does not require a pyrotechnic license (check with the venue and local and state authorities before renting). Rent this neat effect for your special event. Safe inside and out. These spark units are ideal for parties of all sizes


  • Indoor Sparklers and outdoor Sparklers use
  • Very little smoke, evaporates quickly
  • No bad smell
  • Up to 2 minutes of absorption time per pack of granules
  • Fountain can shoot at 30-second intervals
  • Height adjustable from 6-12 Feet
  • Adjust the density of the well
  • Easily set up multiple locations
  • Sparkular effect through granules
  • Buy refill packs in the online shop and deliver them to your door without dangerous goods
  • Line up to 54 devices in series using VIA DMX cables

FAQ: Everything you need to know about Sparkular

It’s been called the future of special effects, and it’s easy to see why. Get all the essentials you need to know about Sparkular and discover why you should choose this safe, pyrotechnic device for your next big event.

What is Sparkular?

Sparkular is a technology that creates impressive sparks that look identical to standard Gerbs. The difference is that the sparks produced by a Sparkular machine are far sharper than regular Pyro, which can burn at 1200 degrees! Sparkular is a safe special effects solution that can be used anywhere, even in places where fireworks and pyrotechnics are prohibited.

How does it work?

Sparkular machines work by heating grains of titanium and zirconium powder to create glowing sparks before quickly cooling them to a safe temperature. The sparks glow even when cold, creating a safe and non-flammable special effect. A bag of titanium granules can generate sparks for about 15 minutes.

What are the advantages of conventional pyrotechnics?

Sparkular not only offers spectacular effects that can rival a traditional pyrotechnic show but also offers a number of advantages over standard pyro:

It’s basically safe as temperatures stay cool throughout the operation. This non-hazardous system poses no fire risk, which is good news for health and safety compliance.

Because it’s so safe, you don’t need the same restricted areas as fireworks. They don’t take up as much space as traditional pyrotechnics, so it’s the perfect choice when space is limited.

It can be used indoors or outdoors (but not waterproof), so flexible and adaptable for any occasion.

It’s easy to set up in minutes. Even if you set up multiple Sparkular machines, you can have everything up and running in an hour or less, and it’s compatible with a DMX device.

Is there any foul or unpleasant smell from the Sparkler Machines?

There is no unpleasant smell of sulfur.

You get more bang for your buck: a show can last up to 15 minutes (more granules sold separately), as opposed to a few seconds on Pyro.

In addition to all of these practical advantages, Sparkular has additional potential as a special effect. It is possible to control every element of the sparks, including height, volume, timing, and duration, and you can program them to sync with music or other elements of your event. Unlike standard pyrotechnics, you have complete control to stop the sparks in the middle of the display when needed.

Sparkular is a fantastic special effect for use at festivals, in the theater, for private occasions as well as in film and television. At Elegante Entertainment Effects, we can design and deliver the entire display according to your individual requirements. If you’re ready to use Sparkular for your next event, watch a video that shows the stunning indoor sparklers effects that can be achieved.

Cold Spark Blitzz FX Machine, also known as the Cold Spark Effect or Cold Sparkler Fountain, is a safe spark machine that emits a cold spark fountain that is not exposed to fire. This device does not have pyrotechnics, but rather provides a safe, simulated pyrotechnic experience.

Our equipment

One of the main reasons we chose the Blitzz FX as our primary cold spark machine is that ProX (an American company based in NJ) is 100% behind its product and has provided responsive customer service since purchasing these devices. By choosing the ProX Blitzz FX, we were guaranteed the latest cold spark technology, high safety standards, and value.

Why these are perfect for indoor use

We wanted a compact size and weight without compromising the build quality, safety, and volume of the sparkler show. These units are a smaller version of the original Blitzz machines and the sleek design comes in a small black metal box. These run longer (90 seconds) than most devices currently on the market (30 – 60 seconds). They produce very little to no smoke and no odor, which is almost unknown in the cold sparkler industry. The granules used in these machines have no explosive content. It’s also self-cleaning so it won’t get dirty afterward. This machine is fully programmable and easy to set up. You have the option to control the amount and duration of the sparkler display.

Safety is our top priority.

We needed a device that was safe and effective both indoors and outdoors. The Cold Spark Machine is a non-pyrotechnic effect – it uses flammable material, it does not catch or create fire. The effect reaches a temperature of 62.5 ° F and these devices only have a precautionary safety shutdown for emergencies. The fountain system of the Cold Spark Machine enables the desired, breathtaking spark effects to be safely generated.

Cold Sparkler Fountain Material:

The ProX Composite Ti Stage Effect powder is a protected combination of titanium and zirconium. It does not contain any burning content. The material creates a cold spark effect at approximately 62 (sixty-two) degrees Fahrenheit (16.7 degrees Celsius).

The ProX Blitzz FX machine works by heating small grains of a proprietary metal mixture that are loaded into the machine from small pre-measured bags. Each 200-gram package gives the operator approximately 10 to 15 minutes of shot time in 90-second increments with a cool-down time, meaning the device won’t be reloaded after a single shot. These grains create cool sparks, and there is no way to start a fire because they do not use flames or gunpowder. The effect also creates virtually no smoke and leaves no foul smell in the air, making it a great indoor sparklers effect.

Power requirement