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 If music be the food of love, play on…

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about.  Music can absolutely set the stage for love.  That’s why we wedding DJs are so important to your dream reception.  We know how to set the tempo of the event, how to transition the mood from serious to light-hearted, and how to create a story with the right music list.  Our job goes beyond playing songs.  We are there to create the party.  We do this by watching the crowd, observing if they look tired or bored and playing the right song to get them back in the mood.

Make your wedding perfect with the perfect music list.

Music lists are more important than you think.  Not only do we weave magic with our own playlists but we have to have a song when that song is requested by someone in your party.

Everyone Having a great time
Everyone Having a great time

My system is to provide a set music list to the bride, and then I will work with her to create an itinerary of songs that will take the reception from beginning to end with perfect flow.  I am bi-lingual and own a collection of both Latin/Spanish hits and classics, as well as, American and British hits.  And, if you give me enough lead in I can find other world must songs for your wedding.

I want this to be YOUR special day and that means playing all the best music in the right way.  I always come dressed for success, I never imbibe on the job, and I always bring my “A game” because I understand that I am being honored with something very important.

When you hire Elegante Entertainment you are bringing a high level of professionalism and creativity to your wedding or event.  I have over ten years of experience as a wedding and event DJ and countless testimonials regarding my services.  I’m proud of what I do and what I can bring to the table.


Call me any time to discuss your ideas for your wedding and I will be glad to provide my insight and give you a quote.


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