Uplighting Rental Houston

Uplighting Rental Houston is a pretty common service. At Elegante Entertainment, rent out our LED uplights for all types of events. For instance, these events include Weddings, Quinceanera, corporate clients, and any other private party.

Our Latest FULL ROOM Uplighting at

Chateau Crystale

Address: 2517 S Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77063
Phone: (713) 532-4070

Wedding on Frida,  April 9th, 2021.

Full Room, synchronized, battery-operated, LED Uplights.

Specially customized Wedding Monogram Rental also included at this wedding.

The benefits of Uplighting Houston

Blush Pink Uplights at the Bell Tower

Not every Wedding DJ in Houston includes up lighting in their packages. However, the benefit of uplighting is that it will decorate your wedding venue with the colors of your decor.  As a result, this decor will be the WOW-factor you’re guests will experience as soon as they walk into the room. In Conclusion, beautiful Wedding Decor, alongside beautiful wedding uplighting we’ll make your wedding venue more beautiful and more memorable. 

LED Uplights use RGB technology to match most colors. Using the basic, Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, you can create just about any color. We’ve matched all shades of Pink; Fushia, pastel pink, blush, strawberry, salmon, coral, hot pink, punch, and peach. 

Most Shades of your color can be easily matched, with the right led lighting and the right person that knows how to adjust the RGB Balance of the lights.


Wireless LED Uplights

Our LED Uplights are battery-operated and communicate wirelessly to each other. The benefit for you is that there will be NO cables around the floor. As a result, your venue will remain aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, there will be no trip hazards due to loose cables around the room.

The lights have a one-color duration of approximately 20 hours. As a result, the lights can be on as soon as the guests begin to arrive, and have full power all the way until the last song of the night is played. 

The Best DJ in Houston - Client testimonial
Uplighting Houston Amber / Candle Light

Uplighting Houston Pricing

UpLighting - Monogram 400

Pricing for your uplighting will vary from vendor to vendor. The quality of the uplights will also determine the price. Not all uplights are made the same.

Pricing for our LED uplight rentals is as follows.

A single, wireless, LED Uplight will cost you $35 each.

A Package of 10 LED uplights will cost you $300.

A package of 20 LED uplights will cost you $500

The more lights you get the bigger the discount will be. 

A small sample of our uplighting events in the last few years. 

For our uplighting rental Houston services, you can either add it to any of our DJ Packages or rent them for your event. We will send a technician to set them up and pick them up after your event is over.