Quinceanera Dancing on the Clouds


What is dancing on the clouds? Memorable but whimsical. Over-the-top. Memory Creating. Whichever way, you need to describe it, Dancing in the Clouds will at all times add that dreamy enjoyable ingredient to your father-daughter dance at a quinceanera or sweet 16.

With the Clouds, your dance ground will be created into a very lovely scene. This appears precisely like one thing from a romantic film, as may be seen within the video to the side. This unbelievable, particular impact will undoubtedly create a picturesque backdrop for your special dance. Due to this, your photographer will be capable of seizing some stunning photos so that you can have a memory for years to come.

As you’re taking to the dance floor with your father, for the very first time since you were a little child, we will fill it with dazzling clouds. The clouds look thick and lift roughly 12-18 inches from the ground. Due to this fact, it should actually appear like you might be dancing on clouds. To boost this much more we are going to add lighting to the dance ground and/or place a highlight on it throughout the music.

The Clouds dance is completely secure and you don’t need to fear alarms being set off. This system is created utilizing dry ice and nearly every venue will be able to allow it. What’s extra, is that you just don’t have to fret about messing up your lovely dress or sneakers. Because the use of dry ice, is much better than a fog machine, that is 100% residue-free. So not solely is it secure, it’s additionally safe to use.

In the event, you’re considering including Dancing in the Clouds to your day, inquire about our availability so we are able to begin emailing your proposal!

Quinceanera dancing on the clouds at chateau crystale

Dancing on the Clouds with twins

Both Father and Mother shared a dance with their beautiful daughters. Such an elegant setting at the Chateau Crystal, only made more magical with dancing in the clouds.

Quinceanera Dancing on the Clouds and Sparklers

Mother and Daughter Dance on The Clouds

The mother and daughter dance is a special time shared between mom and her daughter, as they celebrate the daughter’s Birthday. Whether it’s a Quinceanera or a Sweet 16. Mother and Daughter Dancing on the clouds is a great way to capture the beautiful moment have it seem like they are dancing on a cloud during this special dance.