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Line Dancing

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Best Line Dance Songs

Line Dancing is still very popular, that’s why we have for you the Top Line Dance Songs. Whether it’s a wedding, sweet 16, Quinceanera, or holiday party, line dancing is essential at every party. Sure, some people detest having line dances at their event. But, that’s very rare. I’m sure if you were to play the line dances at those events, the number of people dancing would most likely double.

Line dances inject a bit of energy into any party. They are easy to learn, don’t require a partner, and people want to be a part of the fun. It really is a win-win situation to add just a few line dances to any wedding reception.

UPDATE: Brand New Line Dance Song

Just Released on YouTube, on  June 3, 2021, brand new from Walker Hayes, The song’s name is Fancy Like. People from Applebee’s love this song, especially the part where it says “Yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s on a date night” You have to hear the song for yourself…  https://youtu.be/G_zuB-ogIBw

The Misconception of Line Dances

Line dances have a bad rap. People don’t want them at their parties because they think line dances are ‘Cheesy’. Some people will list EVERY line dance song they can think of as a DO-NOT play song. The misconception is that their event will be cheesy because the DJ will play every line dance in this list. Most professional DJs will only play line dances to add some life to the dance. In a situation where the dancing has died down, it’s great for a DJ to be able to reach into his bag of tricks and pull out one of these line dance songs to add a little more energy to the party.

When is it appropriate to play these Line Dances?

My approach to line dances depends on the situation. I believe that Line dances can be played back to back. Some DJs will disagree.

Why Play 3 of the Top Line Dances Back to Back to Back

My position in this is that sometimes playing, two or three-line dance songs, back to back, gets people to the dance floor and keeps them there for some time. In my observations, from past events, playing one line dance then switching to a similarly styled song, for example playing the cupid shuffle and then player Usher’s Yeah Song, will result in more people leaving the dance floor. In contrast, playing The Cupid Shuffle, and then Playing the Wobble or the Cha Cha Slide, or all three back to back to back, will result in a greater number of people staying to dance.

Why Play over 3 of The Top Line Dance Songs in Sequence

There are a couple of occasions where I would encourage playing 4-10 Line dance songs back to back. This will not work every time, and this will not work at every event. It’s a feeling the DJ will get. Also, not all DJs will do this in fear of being considered a bad DJ. One of the reasons to play over 3 of the Top Line Dance Songs, is that there will be an event called “La Hora Loca” or The Crazy Hour.
La Hora Loca or The Crazy Hour will revive any party. Most of the Top Line Dance Songs in the 2023 List are played back to back. This causes people to be present on the dance floor for over 30 minutes. Sometimes, put to an Hour; a Crazy Hour. One sample playlist could be as follows: The Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble, The Cha Cha Slide, The Copperhead Road, The Conga (line), The YMCA, Macarena, and The Git Up. Disclaimer: This playlist will not work with every event, but it’s just an example of one that may work for several events. Your mileage may and probably will vary.

Top Line Dance Songs

Line Dance Song Artist
1 Achy Braky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
2 Apache The Sugarhill Gang
3 Bass in yo face Lil Nathan
4 Bikers Shuffle Big Mucci
5 Bunny Hop Da Entourage
6 C’mon ‘N Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJ’s
7 Can you feel it Kem
8 Can’t get enough Tamia
9 Carnavalito (El Humahuaqueno) King Africa
10 Cha Cha Slide Mr. C
11 Conga Miami Sound Machine & Gloria Estefan
12 Copperhead Road Steve Earl
13 Cotton Eyed Joe / Schottische Isaac Payton Sweat
14 Cupid Shuffle Cupid
15 Electric Slide Marcia Griffith
16 Hit the Quan iLoveMemphis
17 Hokey Pokey Brave Cambo
18 If I back it up Nellie Tiger Travis
19 Juju on that beat Zay Hilfigerrrr
20 KWang Khia
21 Macarena Los Del Rio
22 Mambo No 5 Lou Vega
23 No Rompas Mas Caballo Dorado
24 Payaso De Rodeo Caballo Dorado
25 Shout Otis Day and the Knights
26 Step and Stomp J Dallas
27 Step in the Name of Love R. Kelly
28 Teach my how to Duggie Cali Swag District
29 The Git up Blanco Brown
30 The Hustle Van McCoy
31 Toosie Slide Drake
32 Wobble V.I.C
33 Wop J. Dash
34 Work it out Tucker
35 YMCA Village People
36 Fancy Like (Applebees) Walker Hayes

If you’re interested in learning 20 beginner Line Dance songs you need to know, read this article, which comes complete with line dance instruction videos.

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