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Looking for a DJ in Houston, TX ?

This is a follow up to my last post that lists many professional DJs in Houston Texas, where I give you a list of Professional DJ Companies that serve the Houston area and a brief description of their service.That article is pretty popular with the search engines, and even though it is popular, I did not place my website first (although everyone asks my why), I placed it in alphabetical order.
However, I just came to realize that article might not be helping you out, if you are looking for a DJ that is close to your home or business.

This is where this article will help you out.

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Tejano Music

Tejano Music, what ever happened to it? Tejano Music saw its biggest success in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s according to Tejano Music WikiPedia. It was played everywhere; homes, radio, cds, tapes and everywhere available at the time. There plenty of radio stations playing Tejano Music and plenty of eager listeners, waiting to enjoy … Read more

Meebo Me!

I love this little tool, it is an way that my customers can communicate with me and they do not have to release any of their information such as email, phone number, or personal IM and they can chat with me while I’m online. I might even dedicate a few hours of being online so … Read more

TOP DJ Questions for Weddings, Quinceaneras, Coorporate Events, or School Dances

It seems that other DJ companies have a “How to hire a DJ” questionnaire full of cr*p and mislead the customer to hire them by talking down their competition with untruthful facts and feeding their customer the fear of making the wrong decision. I do not pay any negative criticism to my competition nor do … Read more