Inspired by the sounds of New Orleans in the 70s.

Haruomi Hosono and Makoto Kubota’s Road to Louisiana album will be reissued on vinyl this June.

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Originally released in 1999, the Road to Louisiana duo took their inspiration from the sounds of New Orleans in the 1970s.

The album contains a mixture of songs written by Kubota and music reproductions from Hosono’s discography.

It follows the reissue of four Hosono albums – S · F · X, The Endless Talking, Paradise View and Mercuric Dance – in March.

Check out the artwork and tracklist below before Road to Louisiana kicks off on June 12th.

1. Nightshade
2. New Orleans
3. Magnolia
4. Easy Rider
5. Choo Choo Gatta Gotto ’99
6. Careful maintenance
7. Coyote Wedding Song (Instrumental)
8. Crazy love
9. To Ra Loo
10. Hoo Doo, who you love?
11. Pom Pom Jõki
12. Louisiana Lullaby
13. Toki Ni Makasete

Banner image courtesy of the Masashi Kuwamoto Archives.


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