8 Best Bride and Groom Trends for 2021

Best Bride and Groom Trends

A lot of weddings were postponed when the pandemic started last year. But 2021 saw the rise of microweddings, which are safer, more intimate celebrations. You and your partner might be one of the couples who patiently waited for an opportunity to celebrate your love with your closest friends and family.

Covid weddings are noticeably smaller in terms of the guest list, but that doesn’t mean that all aspects of the wedding should be downsized. You can go big in other ways, such as in making sure that you know and follow the hottest bride and groom trends in 2021.

From bespoke suits and DJs to DIY decorations and imaginative food displays, pandemic weddings have benefited from focusing limited resources on giving the best experience for the couple and guests. 

Practicality and escapism are some of the common themes in weddings today. Instead of flying to an exotic destination, weddings are being held closer to home. With travel bans and quarantine rules limiting international travel, this choice is justified. Additionally, fairytale and period wedding themes are favored because of our need to free our minds of the lingering health crisis, even temporarily.

Below are the 2021 wedding trends that you and your beloved should not miss.

Top trends for brides

Bold accessories, playful prints 

Apart from the trends mentioned above, a lot of bold accessories and creative prints are being worn by brides this year. Lilies, leaves, and cats are just some of the most interesting prints we’ve seen on wedding gowns lately. Also, florals are getting an upgrade through embroidery and 3D roses. These prints give a splash of color that will certainly draw everyone’s attention to the bride on her wedding day.

If you want to break away from the traditional white wedding dress, you can opt for cool colors like sky blue, lavender, or pistachio. Speaking of playing with colors, colored engagement rings are also growing more popular. Though the jewel on a ring won’t be visible in all photos, ruffles and oversized bows can give the bride’s dress an eye-catching, flamboyant look. 

Transformative attire

Another good reason to have a bow on a wedding dress is that it can be detachable. A detachable bow can be used as a train for a new look. Meanwhile, detachable skirts allow brides to dance more comfortably during the reception. Transformative attire is another innovative fashion trend in the bridal industry. 

Since versatility is valued in today’s weddings, dresses that can be worn in multiple styles are definitely in. Dressing in layers (e.g., toppers or capes) can also help you be ready for sudden shifts in weather, which is a challenge for outdoor weddings. Plus, a convertible dress is sustainable. Imagine how many stunning looks a bride can have with just one dress.

Crop tops and trousers

Well, if the bride wants to wear pants, there is no stopping her. Wedding trousers can be just as elegant and sexy as dresses. Pair the bridal pants with a daring crop top, and the bride is ready to wow. Brides can also choose a pantsuit or jumpsuit that flatters their figure. After all, limiting bridal fashion to traditional expectations is so yesterday. 

The Little White Dress

Minis, midis, and ankle-length dresses are finally having their time in the bridal fashion spotlight. Now that intimate ceremonies have dethroned lavish hundred-guest parties, practical dresses are getting more love. In this wedding year, showing off skin is no longer reserved to afterparties. Pair your little white dress with a veil to complete your fresh and comfortable ceremony look.

Top trends for grooms

New colors and patterns

Traditional black and white suits are safe choices, but with life-changing events happening all around us, is there anyone who still wants to play everything safe? Seeing a groom in florals or a printed blazer is no longer as shocking and scandalous as it used to be. Shades of pink, wine, gold, emerald, and jade are welcome in the modern groom’s wardrobe. These can be the colors of your jacket, cufflinks, shoes, or tie. As long as the wearer and/or the stylist knows basic color coordination, the groom can shine in non-traditional colors and patterns. For example, the groom should go for solid color pants when he uses a patterned jacket.

Rich fabrics

Have you ever seen a groom in a velvet wedding suit? You will see more of them, especially in spring or autumn weddings. Also, a velvet bow tie can do the trick if the groom is not comfortable with a velvety jacket. The variety of available colors is an advantage if a groom picks this type of fabric. 

Being more experimental with fabrics does not only mean trying out velvets. More airy fabrics like seersucker and linen can also give the groom a fresh appearance which can be carried over to the reception. 

Casual looks

Loungewear is not only for your home office. Casualization has reached groom fashion, too. Tuxedos have always been a favorite, but since we are having smaller weddings, more relaxed looks are more appropriate for the groom and bride. A suit with no tie, or swapping leather shoes for loafers are just some ways that the groom can give off a casual vibe.

Pocket flowers

Instead of the traditional pocket square, more and more grooms are opting for pocket flowers, a.k.a. floral pockets. Other daring grooms take this up a notch by using floral lapels. In the same way that brides are no longer confined to wearing long white dresses, grooms are now wearing flowers without fear of being judged. 

8 Best Bride and Groom Trends for 2021

Final tip

Trends come and go, but the love that unites you and your partner should not. Capture that love by choosing styles that represent your personalities, not just the favorite looks of the season. With that in mind, you can seamlessly integrate the 2021 bride and groom trends into your much-anticipated wedding.

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