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Uplighting Rentals in Houston
Uplighting Rentals in Houston at the Pine Forest Country Club

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0:08 Las Velas Red LED Uplighting
0:33 The Gallery Amber and Choral LED Uplighting
0:53 The Gallery Fuchsia LED Uplighting
1:28 The Gallery Amber LED Uplighting
1:42 Amber Springs Fuchsia LED Uplighting
2:13 La Tranquila Ranch Blue LED Uplighting
2:57 Spring Chateau Blue LED Uplighting
3:03 The Petroleum Club Blue & Amber LED Uplighting
3:17 Pine Forest Country Club Blue and Fuchsia LED Uplighting

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Do-It-Yourself: Uplighting Rentals in Houstonl!

Uplighting Rentals in Houston is idea for the do-it-yourselfer, just simply order our Rent our LED LIghts, pick them up the day before and set them up easily. The colors will be pre-programmed for your event.

Quick & Easy Set Up:

Do-it-yourself uplighting is super easy! Simply…

A. Find an outlet,
B. Plug your light,
C. Aim it where you want it to point

and You  are done!


We rent professional-grade 3 watt LED uplights. Unlike other types of uplighting than only offer antiquated 10 mm led. These lights can mix to match just about any color that may be in your decor.


Do-it-yourself uplighting will be pre-programmed to your color and you will be able to test them out at the pick up time.

Set-up and Delivery Charges:

Set-up and Delivery Charges will be depending on the distance traveled, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$200 for one of our experienced LED Installers to come out and install and Program our LED UP Lights for you. We recommend this option if you want to add the hassle-free benefit of not having to install the lights yourself. However, if you are tech savvy and don’t mind the DIY, then just come by and pick up the lights.


The number of uplights depends on your vision for the reception and size of venue.  We have provided DIY uplighting for hundreds of weddings, and couples have used as few as 2 uplights and as many as 70 uplights.  Here are some guidelines:

Guest Expectancy

Minimum uplighting



50 guests

4 – 8 uplights

10 uplights

12 uplights

150 guests

6-10 uplights

18 uplights

20 uplights

200 guests

10-15 uplights

20 uplights

26 uplights

250 guests

10-15 uplights

26 uplights

28 uplights

350 guests

15-20 uplights

28 uplights

35 uplights

350+ guests

20+ uplights

30+ uplights

50+ uplights



This is an affordable option if you simply want to target certain areas such as the cake, the bride and groom’s seating area, etc..


Medium coverage will give you a beautiful glow and will start to wash your venue with the color as well as show up beautifully at the wall.


If you want your guests to WOA and WOW as they enter the reception area, this is the option for you, the colors will beautifully wash the entire room, your guests will be awwed all night long at the beautiful lighting at your venue!

We Deliver your Uplighting Rentals in Houston

We also offer delivery options for your Uplighting Rentals in Houston. If you would like for our professionals to come out and install your uplights, we have a great friendly staff whom can come out and install the lights for you. Once the event is over, then we will go and pick them up from your venue. Pricing is dependent of your venue location and the number of members needed to perform the task. For an estimate, please give us a call at (832) 465-1161 or fill in the form below:

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