Dancing on a Cloud with Sparklers in Houston

We now have been providing our dancing on a cloud and sparklers for the Houston area.

This is a great idea to create a great effect for your wedding reception.

We should start by stressing that our “Dancing on a Cloud” #elegantecloud effect isn’t a haze machine. Numerous venues prohibit regular haze machines as they set off flame sprinklers and can fill the venue with an excessive measure of haze.

Our “Dancing on a Cloud” #elegantecloud effec is Dry Ice based and will never transcend 3 feet off the floor and breaks down neatly leaving literally nothing behind.

This impact is extraordinary for adding a sensational look to any dance floor for that exceptional dance. Our effect will likewise look incredible in any photography or video as it gives the hallucination that you are moving in the mists of the clouds.

Our #EleganteCloud (Dancing on a Cloud Effect) Service vows to take your First Dance to another level! Face to face, yet in addition in your photos and wedding video

The #EleganteCloud?

  • Does not haze up the air (low lying haze)
  • Won’t meddle with your venue’s fire alarms (non of us need that particularly PLE)
  • Does not leave a haze juice buildup on the floor (utilizes dry ice so it just vanishes!)

Its a beautiful effect, creates a lasting impression at your wedding reception and its the must have item at every wedding today!

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The Bell Tower on W34th St Wedding DJ

Below are some photos from our recent visit to The Bell Tower on W34th Street where to DJ a wedding reception. On this wedding we provided Bilingual Wedding DJ service, Intelligent lighting, Wall washing, Uplights for the wedding venue and the wedding monogram.

Wall Washing at The Bell Tower on W34th

The Beautiful up-lights and lovely wall patterns set a very elegant mood at the beginning of the wedding reception for cocktails and dinner. During cocktails the guests enjoyed lovely mariachi music provided by Mariachi Imperial. After Cocktails, the bride and groom made their entrance down those beautiful stairs (pictured above) into the ballroom where the guest awaited and soon after, dinner was served. For dinner, the bride and groom selected modern jazz and some Frank Sinatra songs.

After dinner, the bride and grooms first dance and traditional dances began as well as the first part of the formalities, Toasts, cake cutting, father daughter dance and mother and groom dance. And then the party began!

More photos and videos for this event are saved in our google photos page which you can visit here https://photos.app.goo.gl/5M6cmEDdqXZmiyvZ7

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Wedding Planning Houston: How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Music

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This is an add on video to the one I did a week ago on how to plan your wedding reception timeline: How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Timeline 

The planning of the wedding ceremony is a bit simpler and should be planned pretty quickly.

There are only UP TO 5 songs that you should choose for the wedding ceremony. those are:

1. Seating of the Mothers (Song?)

2. Bridal Party Entrance (Song?)

3. Bride walking down the isle (song?)

4. Sand/candle lighting ceremony (song)

5. Exit (Song?)

Evernote Planning Sheet on Video:


Wedding Reception Timeline or Itinerary Tutorial

Wedding Reception Itinerary Tutorial

Planning the wedding reception may be one of the hardest thing you do.

If you search online there are hundreds of different ways to plan your wedding reception, but how do you know which one is best for you?

Is there a typical way that weddings are run? The short answer: No.

I am usually involved in the wedding entertainment planning and I usually suggest a certain timeline for my clients, and it usually works out for the best. I am able to help my clients plan their wedding and they can move on to bigger and better things. Although, the timeline, or itinerary, is also a pretty big item to tackle.

In this video, I go through the questions and conversation that I usually have with my clients as they get ready to plan their wedding reception.

I hope this video is able to help you get your wedding entertainment planned, especially if you don’t plan on hiring a wedding planner, this video is a MUST WATCH for you.

Take some time and watch this video and let me know if you were able to follow or if you still have some questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

View Our Sample Timeline:


Have Fun!!