The Bell Tower on w34th

A few days ago I made a short post about the New Bell Tower on w34th street. Today I decided to see if I could fin a website or anything else where I could post some information about the venue. I imagine if they attended the Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show in July, they would more than likely have a website up and running, and they sure do.

First place I found them was in and after that it lead me to their actual Bell Tower on w34th Street website where they just have a flyer letting people know they will be open for business soon.

If you want to get a much better idea of what the place actually looks like and how beautiful it is inside… visit their ad on

Happy Planning!

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14 thoughts on “The Bell Tower on W34th is coming soon!”
  1. Why would you encourage people to work with people like this? It’s the same people….a new name doesn’t change what THEY did!

  2. Hey Jen,

    Is it the same people? I was under the impression they had sold the place?

    Thanks for sharing your concern, but I imagine one way or another word is going to get out…

  3. It’s a concern b/c it’s the truth! Roger Igo, which is who is now running the place….WAS affiliated with the Tuscany. They may be trying to do things right this time, but it doesn’t erase what they did and that they were involved. I was one of those brides… hurts that one year later they are back at it again. I’m sorry to be harsh, but I hate these people!

  4. And they erased my first message, which clearly explains how much these people suck and the details! If your unsure do some basic research and it will all make sense to you….

  5. I have a document that shows Roger Clifton Igo dba Igo Developement filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on May 13, 2009. Roger and Angela Igo are now operating The Bell Tower, but to what extent I do not know. I was told Angela is the wedding coordinator and that Roger answers the phone when you select the “operations” option. I don’t know how to upload this document for you all to view and I can’t copy and paste it b/c it is an Adobe Acrobat file. If any of you know how I can do this, please let me know.

  6. Well, I had the lovely opportunity to meet with Roger and Angela today…

    I’ve asked TWA2009 on a couple of emails to provide me with that document and she never replied.

    I would encourage anyone who reads this blog to please contact Roger and Angela directly. They have nothing to hide and are as much of a victim to what happened in 2008 as any other person. They are not in hiding they DO answer the telephones and they are working extremely hard to get the place ready for their grand opening this September, 2009.

    It’s really an unbelievable story you must hear on your own. They have all the legal documentation to prove what happened and I think It’s sad that they have to work so hard, after losing EVERYTHING they had, to disassociate themselves from the people who were responsible for the entire situation.

    Again, if anyone who reads this blog is considering using the Bell Tower on W34th as their wedding venue, do yourself a favor and go visit with them… They are genuinely good people, they themselves are rebuilding their lives after losing everything, and it’s a shame that people go on blogs and websites and post negative, misinformed statements about them.

  7. We aren’t just random people posting negative information! Is it really that sad that they have to work hard? Every single bride and there family had to scrap together money to put together a second wedding, so NO I don’t feel bad that they are having to work hard. If they are trying to disassociate themselves with the “former” owners then maybe they should have not become involved with them in the first place. I’m sorry but you seen a little naive to the situation. They might be great people….and told you a sad story about what they lost, but it’s just seems to ironic how things have worked out. I just don’t think you really know enough about the situation to post back rude comments that we are being negative and misinformed.
    Did Roger show you the document where he purchased all the kitchen equipment from Carolyn James (former owner) for pennies on the dollar? Things are fishy and if you want to buy into then that’s your own business. Lastly, I will let TWO2009 to send you whatever documents you think you need; however, it’s public knowledge. If you cared enough to find the truth you could. I hope Roger and Angela appreciate what you are doing for them, not really sure why you care so much to defend them.

  8. Kempner Capital Management Inc. purchased a retail building in Houston from Titus Inc. for $3.25 million, or approximately $98 per square foot. Randy Williams of Thompson & Knight LLP acted as the trustee for Titus in bankruptcy proceedings.

    The 33,250-square-foot, Class A, general retail building at 835 34th St., formerly known as Tuscan Garden Oaks, was built this year and is in the Near Northwest Oaks Retail submarket.

    Vice President Mark Lehman and Bill Burge of Grubb & Ellis represented the seller. Roger Igo of Champions Real Estate Group represented the buyer.

  9. This message is for Jen. If you are still around, I would love to chat with you more about this issue. I was a displaced bride too. This is all too fishy that they have re-appeared as new owners. Please let me know how I can contact you. Thanks.

  10. Nice to have this blog for truthful comments. Very nice location, however, entire motivation at the Bell Tower is making as much money as possible. They nickel and dime everything. $3000 mandatory fee to bring in caterer plus 18% upcharge on everything. Valet parking mandatory and you pay per guest. Even accent lighting or candles cost extra. Bring your wallet every visit – you will need it here.

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