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La Tranquila Bilingual Wedding DJ

La Tranquila Bilingual Wedding DJ Services were provided for this Venezualan Wedding Reception back in 2016. Still going back through my archives looking for fun events to share with brides and grooms that are looking for a bilingual wedding  DJ in Houston.  This  Venezuelan Matrimonial celebration was another one that was a blast. Most of the music played was Spanish with a few English songs here and there.

Venezuelan Wedding Notes

La Tranquila Bilingual Wedding DJ Services were provided for this Venezualan Wedding Reception back in 2016

Here are the notes from our final meeting with this couple. These notes are from the time I used to use online software and before I switched over to google docs.


Bride to Bride
La Tranquila Ranch
5:00 PM Abren Puertas para instalar
7:30 Ceremonia (St Anthony)
9:00 PM llega la gente Cocktail Hour – Suave
marc anthony fonseca juan luis guerra
9:30 PM llegan los novios
Baile de los Novios.
Baile de novia con hermanos (2 Hermanos Cunado)
Baile de novio y Mama (mama y Hermana)
Andrea Bocceli
10:00 PM Buffet Dinner:
Brindis – Cunaodo de la novia, Hermana de la Novia, 2 o 3 personas. Fonseca
11 Open Dancing
aventar Ramo y Ligua
2:00 am termina
Musica: Bailables, merengue salsa, ballenatos, venezolana,
tambores al final, huaco,
bachata casi no.
Musica ligera, Simbolo La hora loca
Enviar Monogramas.. (2 monogramas)
2LED Tvs
Contrato (Paypal)
Vacaciones x
Chantajeb x
Shaky shaky x
Lean on
Quisiera cinco
Nunca me olvides yandel
Side to side arianna grande
Chino y nacho- TODAS ME GUSTAN andas en mi cabeza
Me voy enamorando
Materialista – silvestre x
Carlos vives- casarme contigo
Cnco- reggeaton lento
Ricky martin- una mordidita
*****La gozadera**** x
J balvin- safari
La bicicleta  x
Cheap thrills
Baja- guaco
Silvestre- la ciquitrilla x
Tambores venezolanos
Cheerleader x
Carlos vives- ella es mi fiesta x
Fruta fresca
Otravez- zion y lenox
Cake by the ocean
Nicky jam- todas son buenas
Juan Luis guerra
Marc anthony
El taxi****
El Venado
Cancion entrada novios despues del coctel:
Justin timberlake- can’t stop the feeling ( el coro )
Cancion baile novios: Ellie golding – how long will I love you
Canción para baile de famila novio mama y novia hermanos
Andrea bochello- por ti volare

La Hora Loka Wedding Video

What is La Hora Loca Venezolana?

La Hora Loca Loca Venezolana is a time where hats and props are passed out for about an hour. This hypes up the guests and dancers and creates a happy fun and party atmosphere. Everyone is invited to the dance floor to have a great time! The video above does a great job of displaying the styles of songs that are played during a  Venezuelan hora loca. Read our full write-up on La Hora Loca.


By Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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