The 10 Top Do-Not-Play Songs List

What are The Top Do-Not-Play Songs List?

The Do-Not-Play Songs list is just as important as your dance request list. This is going to be the list used to remove those popular songs that always get played out at weddings. If you don’t want to hear a song at your wedding or quinceanera make sure you make a small list of a few songs you don’t want the DJ to play that night.

The Top Do-Not-Play Songs List is a list you must make to help your DJ out. Imagine hearing a song you detest while you’re out there ‘gettin-jiggy-wit-it.’ That will absolutely run you off the dance floor. And Faster than the second word of the song.

The top line dances are usually on this list. Many brides, nowadays, don’t want to hear every song played at every song. So making a Do-not-play list of songs is crucial for the success of the wedding reception.

DJs usually get in a groove and just play the songs they know will get people out to the dance floor. So there’s a great chance one of those songs will be played if you do not plan ahead of time.

The Top Do-Not-Play Songs List?

So what are the top songs that usually make the list? Below is the Elegante Entertainment List of the top Do-Not-Play Songs that usually make the list.


# Do-Not-Play Song Artist
1. The Macarena Los Del Rio
2. The YMCA The Village People
3. The Chicken Dance
4. The Wobble VIC
5. The Cupid Shuffle Mr. C
7. Carnavalito
8. All My Exes Live in Texas George Strait
9. The Hokey Pokey Brave Combo
10. Any Katy Perry

Hiring a Professional DJ in Houston

It’s important to hire a professional, experienced DJ from Houston for your event. Being professional means that he can take both your Do-Not-Play Songs list and your Must Playlist and combine them together to create the musical atmosphere you are wanting from your entertainer. There are DJs that are not professional because they do not believe in taking requests at your event. The lack of professionalism does not allow them to tailor the music to your wants. Elegante Entertainment will definitely respect your Play and do not play song lists if you hire us as the DJ for your event.

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