Looking for a DJ in Houston, TX ?

This is a follow up to my last post that lists many professional DJs in Houston Texas, where I give you a list of Professional DJ Companies that serve the Houston area and a brief description of their service.That article is pretty popular with the search engines, and even though it is popular, I did not place my website first (although everyone asks my why), I placed it in alphabetical order.
However, I just came to realize that article might not be helping you out, if you are looking for a DJ that is close to your home or business.

This is where this article will help you out.

A little trick I just discovered in Google. If you type in the zip code of your Home address, or the zip code of your Work address, you can find DJ companies near you.

This comes in handy if you are looking for a business, not just a DJ, that is close to you. For example, if you live near North West Houston, search Google for DJ in Houston 77066, and it will list my website.

Another example, that does not promote me, if you live in West Houston and are looking to rent Chair Covers, Table Covers, and any other Decoration, by Placing Elegant Linens in Houston 77077, you will come to my friend Beth’s Wedding Linen Rental Company. She has a wide variety of Linens All Sizes, Shapes, Colors, and Fabrics, including the new ones that are in style this year.

So there you have it, this small trick will save you time and money, especially with the ongoing change in gas prices.

Happy Planning!

Francisco H. Perez
Your Elegant DJ in Houston (according to Google)

About the author: Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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