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The Art of Customer Service

This is the second of a two series (up to this point) “How to” that Mr. Guy Kawasaki has written about great customer service. I have just taken the time to read these two articles and I must say, there were some great ideas there that had not come to my attention.

The first one was keep customers in the Loop. As a Disc Jockey, it is essential that you keep your customer on top of things and it is essential that if something does happen at an event that you find a solution (two to three at best) and present that solution to your customer.

Most of the time, I see a lot of finger pointing and nobody takes the responsibility nor do they take the time to find the best possible solution to the problem. Finger pointing and Fingering the pointer are the second and third ideas that are great to avoid.

I invite you to read these two articles as well as all others that Mr. Kawasaki has offer.

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Top Quinceanera Questions

Houston DJ QuinceaneraEvery person organizing a or their Quinceanera has questions about how to go about it. The most requested information that my website visitors want to know is:

  • Quinceanera songs
  • What is everything a Quinceanera needs
  • Everything about Quinceaneras
  • What are great quinceanera songs
  • Tejano dj Music for a houston Quinceañera
  • The best presentation Quinceanera
  • Houston Quinceañera packages
  • Houston spanish Quinceañera dj service
  • A list of everything needed for a Quinceanera
  • The most poular quinceanera songs
  • Quinceañera thank you speech
  • Quinceanera toast speech
  • Quinceanera todo list of needed things
  • Songs to play at a Quinceanera
  • Popular spanish music for a Quinceanera
  • What are the things needed for a Quinceanera
  • What a quinceanera would say
  • Things needed for a Quinceanera
  • How to organize a Quinceanera

If you have any specific questions on how to organize your Quinceanera, use this post to ask me and I will gladly answer them for you. For example, if you want to know about photography, video, or Venues.

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One Quinceanera to Remember

Houston DJ Shelby Quinceanera and WeddingDear Friend,

This weekends Quinceanera was by far the most memorable and enjoyable event I have ever performed at…

As with all my customers, I love to meet with them in person and help them get organized when it comes to their reception’s order of events. Two weeks before this event, I receive a call from the Quinceanera’s mom, Julie. As it turns out she still had no idea on how to organize their reception and she was very worried. I told her I would gladly help her and I would take the responsibility of making sure it came out organized, flawless, and elegant.

We made plans to meet and organize the event.

When I arrived at their house, quite a few members of the family were present waiting to meet their DJ (Me) and tell me exactly what kind of music they wanted played and not played, etc… Here I thought I was only there to help them get organized :).

Two hours later we were set. I organized this one pretty much the same way I do most quinceaneras; (This is so simple, I always do it for free).

  1. Presentation of the Court of Honor
  2. Presentation of the Grandparents
  3. Presentation of the Escort of Honor
  4. Presentation of the Parents
  5. Present the Quinceanera
  6. Father Daughter dance (Performed by Grandfather)
  7. Escort of Honor cuts in half way
  8. Coronacion (Crowning of the Quinceanera)
  9. Ultima Muneca (Last Doll)
  10. Regalo Sorpresa (Surprise Gift)
  11. Surprise Dance
  12. Open Dance

Of course, every quinceanera is slightly different and the only two things missing on this one are the cutting of the cake and the toast, which they wanted done later on in the night. With the help of Julie and Shelby (our gorgeous Quinceanera) we got everything organized and a list of their favorite songs in just under 2 Hours.

Ok, so why all this background? I just wanted to give you general information on how to organize your quinceanera. It is this simple, I have used this simple recipe to organize hundreds of quinceaneras, and they all have been successful. The hardest part for all people is making a decision. Once you reach a decision, the rest is all downhill.

What made this Quinceanera so Memorable
First, this reception was held at Lu Cero Reception Hall. Chris and Max are great people to work with and I enjoy their company. They also have the people’s best interest in mind, I recommend their ballroom and their service.

Second, their presentation came out flawless. They trusted my ability to coordinate their reception and I was rewarded with a warm thank you and a warm hug from Shelby. Her exact words were, “thank you for doing all of this for me.”

Third, I was their Disc Jockey (well … what can I say 🙂 …it’s true ). and

Finally, the turnout was very high. Lu Cero Ballroom holds 500 Guests, I can honestly say they went over their limit on that night. This made for a great atmosphere and all I had to do is feed them a small amount of energy and they ran with it. The dance floor was jam packed all throughout the entire night and their request were met in time to keep the energy moving. (Imagine trying to keep up with request of over 200 teenagers and at the same time keeping the adults happy). Even though this was the most exhausting night (physically), it was also the most enjoyable and memorable night I ever had.

The Purpose of this writing
Well as you can probably imagine, the reason I write this article for two reasons.

Number 1
To Inform you how I organized this particular Quinceanera. I get so many questions on how to organize a Quinceanera’s reception. This organizing and taking the responsibility to make it come out right is included in all my packages. Here they are, in case you have not seen them (Here)

Number 2
To share the fun and enjoyment we had that night. So i want to thank all the Shelby, Lucy, and students of MacArthur High School in North Houston Texas for the wonderful time we had that night.

Francisco H. Perez
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The Story Of a “Personal” Approach to Weddings…

Asian Personal Wedding Image

Recently, I had a young couple (about my age actually) ask me to be of service in their wedding as their MC, their Master of Ceremonies. Before I go into the details of the meeting and how they think my service is very personal, let me give you the background on how they contacted me in the first place. They inquired about my service through my website’s contact form, where they asked me call them and give them more information over the phone. Within 10 minutes (this turned out to be very positive as you will later see) of receiving the email, I was on the phone with the bride to be answering all her questions and concerns. One concern was whether or not I have the music that is on her list of “music they Personally picked.” I asked for the list, she sent it, and I looked it over. I have about 90% of the songs and the rest I am in the process of acquiring (keep this in mind as it will also turn out to be another positive thing). All of this happened near the beginning of February, 2006.

On Friday February 17, 2006 I receive the following email:

“My fiancé, (Name), and I would like to schedule an appointment or consultation to come and meet with you regarding the wedding. (My fiancé) and I still haven’t been able to get through your entire song list. There quite a few songs there. Also, we need to know what to do to book you for the wedding. Just as a reminder, our wedding date is (Month) **, 2006. We look forward to hearing from you.” (Only editing done was to hide the date and the name of Mr. Fiancé).

To make a short story long, this beautiful couple arrives at my place and we sit down and discuss the specifics of their reception. Upon getting to know them, I ask them some questions that allow me to Taylor my service specifically to them. One of these questions (other DJ’s please turn away now, so as you don’t steal my ideas 🙂 ) was, what exactly is their experience with other DJ’s. The first answer was how hard it was to get others on the telephone and how long it took them to answer their concerns, which are just human nature.

For the second answer, Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to sit down and read this as it will shock the sox off you. Their response was, that other DJ Companies only allowed them to select 10 songs out of their Personal list (their list consisted of over 60 songs). When the couple asked these, So Called DJ’s the reason for this. Their response was that “they had the ability to read the crowd and that by the Bride and Groom selecting the songs for them, they would felt they had their hands tied behind their backs” Take a moment to think about this and tell me what is soooo wrong with this. ————————- Your answer should be —— everything.

Just think about this now, this couple went through the effort of selecting the songs they personally wanted played, (I would estimate on the safe side, about 10 hours of on and off planning), they did the hard part for any Disk Jockey, and were humble enough to present this idea to such negative people only to be, in my opinion, humiliated/humbled. These DJ’s ego was so high (our Bride & Groom actually realized this and where more humbled than humiliated); they actually took offense to this idea by our Bride & Groom. This is one thing you should always test, the EGO of the person you are hiring. Whether it’s a DJ, MC, Photographer, Video Cameraman, or anyone that will “SERVE” you, make sure they do just that: serve “YOU”.

Let me turn this back into a positive blog once again. I really don’t like talking bad about my competition and I think you can see how bad this is for the entertainment industry, so I, on behalf of this industry, would like to apologize to anyone that has gone through this with any other vendor. I do, however, want to share this experience of our Bride and Groom and to be a voice in their negative learning experience.

In our meeting, they said something to me that made my day; week; even my whole month. Their exact words were:

“…this is so personal compared to everyone else.”

This was such a rewarding sentence to hear that I felt I had accomplished something so positive, words can’t describe.
I was able to find the solution to their problems. I had heard this before, but not with so much of an emotional background. Of course, when they said this I kept my poker face and just smiled at them, but deep inside I was crying with Joy!

I bet if you are a salesman, you are thinking; I bet you got them for twice the amount of the other DJ companies. In reality I charged them the price of my “Basic” package but gave them the service of my “Simplicity” package. I was so motivated to keep doing positive things for our Bride and Groom that I did not want to turn this into a negative experience for them, in any such way or form.

I listen to you carefully, I use your ideas in my plan, and I make sure I answer your question, the moment you have them. All of this seems like it is something others would do, out of good personal character, but I am finding little by little that very few do this.

Francisco H. Perez
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