Dancing in the Clouds – Katy Texas – Alegria Gardens

Dancing in the Clouds

Elegante Entertainment is one of the leaders in the Houston and Katy area when it comes to delivering the Dancing in the Clouds or Elegante Cloud.

Alegria Gardens in Katy Texas

In this video, we were at the Alegria Gardens Reception Hall in Katy Texas, for two different events where we provided the Elegante Cloud Effect. The first one is a video of a Quinceanera Dancing in the Clouds Service and the second part is a Full Wedding Reception with multiple cameras set around the venue so you can get a full 360 degree look into the venue as the effect is done for wedding receptions.

Dancing in the Clouds for Quinceaneras


The clouds for the Quinceanera portion of the video begin at the nineteen seconds mark (00:19) https://youtu.be/OH6WJ-mLDew?t=20.

This was done for the Father and Daughter dance, where dad gets the opportunity to dance along with his beloved daughter.  The Cloud effect creates a memorable effect for this dance. The photographer and videographer are able to take very amazing photos and make it look like they are actually dancing in the sky with clouds around them.


Dancing on a Cloud for Weddings

Dancing in the Clouds – Katy Texas – Alegria Gardens

The Wedding portion of Dancing on a Cloud begins at the one-minute and fifty-eight seconds mark (01:58).

This effect was filmed, not professionally I may add, with 2 GoPro Cameras ( GoPro 7 Black and GoPro 7 Silver), one Poco Phone, and a Xioami 4k Mini Camera on top of the Dry Ice Machine (Chauvet Nimbus). The cameras were placed in various places around the dance floor so that you can get a full 360 view of how the effect comes out when you have your first dance at your ceremonial Reception.

By Simply Frank

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