Indian Wedding Planning Checklist – A Guide to Preparing Your Indian Wedding Planning


Proposal done. What now?

The wedding proposal happened. Or maybe your matchmaking has now been sorted. Both you and your significant other have made a united commitment to take on the majority of their later life together. What are you gonna do next Prepare the wedding reception, of course. And so the Indian wedding planning checklist will come in handy and be your main companion in ensuring that a fantastic fiesta wedding event is put together.

Yes, the wedding will be the key first assignment that you begin with your partner, with or possibly without the help of your friends and relatives. The place of marriage should be booked. The wedding organizer caterer must be determined. Professional bridal photographers may need to be booked many months in advance of the wedding day. Wedding and reception banquet furniture and covers must be rented. And the list goes on and on …

The sheer amount of things you need to prepare for a wedding reception can make you nervous or uncomfortable, and make you feel like you are losing control of the state of your big day. Even before you begin, you are likely visualizing the unthinkable and worrying about the embarrassment that could result from a poorly arranged function.

Don’t worry, the Indian wedding planning checklist below will help you with all of the wedding party arrangements. The set of wedding planning elements below has been put together chronologically to ensure that adequate time is allocated to each functional element. This means that you should have enough time to come up with good ideas, to get in touch with your wedding service providers, to have an in-depth conversation with the service providers and, finally, to confirm your supplier selection.

Indian wedding planning checklist

More than 1 year

  1. Decide on a personal date to get married
  2. Hire an experienced wedding coordinator
  3. Determine the number of attendees, the location, and the time of day for the wedding event
  4. Agree on wedding financing and costs, as well as how the costs will be shared between the bride and groom’s families
  5. Discuss the schedule of events that would be held on your wedding day
  6. Systematically monitor wedding expenses and keep track of who paid for each item of expense
  7. Organize an invitee list that includes family and friends from both sides of the family
  8. Think about inevitable factors that can affect your wedding event (e.g. climate conditions, national elections, etc.).
  9. Book your wedding ceremony
  10. Reserve the reception location for the marriage
  11. Book your wedding ceremony and reception photographers
  12. Book your wedding ceremony and reception videograph
  13. Choose the wedding concept and color scheme
  14. Update your passport and visa for your honeymoon

6 to 12 months

  1. Book the wedding priest, wedding qadi, wedding minister, etc.
  2. Book your wedding musicians
  3. Book your wedding event florists and decorators
  4. Book your wedding organizer caterer
  5. Book your wedding entertainment
  6. Choose who your bridesmaids and best men are
  7. Choose who should be the moderator of your event

4 to 6 months

  1. Book the setting materials required for your wedding ceremony
  2. Book your cosmetic stylist, hairdresser and mehendi artist
  3. Book your bridal suite
  4. Fill out the attendance list and receive the mailing addresses for the wedding invitation
  5. Choose and purchase wedding card invitations; Remember to include the map location of the wedding venue
  6. Design and dispatch of electronic invitations
  7. Put together an index of people who will support you on the wedding day (guest servant, gift companion, wedding and reception coordinator, food catering coordinator, etc.) and their tasks
  8. Prepare for your honeymoon

2 to 4 months

  1. Book your special wedding cake
  2. Book your wedding car as well as the decor for the wedding car and the entourage of the bridal showers
  3. Buy or rent wedding costumes
  4. Buy or rent wedding costumes for parents, best men, and bridesmaids
  5. Buy thank you gifts for wedding assistants and guests
  6. Prepare things for the guests coming from the outdoor station
  7. Visit the dentist to clean or whiten your teeth

6 to 8 weeks

  1. Publish wedding invitation cards and send electronic invitations by email
  2. Monitor invitations sent and replies received, and send thank you notes for guests who have provided gifts
  3. Buy or rent bridal accessories
  4. Buy the bride’s shoes
  5. Buy the bridal jewelry (thali, wedding rings, etc.)
  6. Organize safety escorts for newlyweds who wear heavy jewelry
  7. Complete catering arrangements with the caterer
  8. Organize pre-wedding photography and bride portraits

2 to 6 weeks

  1. Complete the details of the wedding ceremony with the official office
  2. Follow up with invitees who have not yet responded and organize seating for guests
  3. Compose a comprehensive timeline of the wedding event
  4. Give your wedding vendors a copy of the wedding plan
  5. Decide who will introduce the bride and groom on the wedding day
  6. Give your photographer a checklist of photos that you want to take
  7. Give your videographer a list of specific people or events to include in the video
  8. Give the DJ the list of songs you want to play at your wedding event
  9. Create the direction lists for the wedding venue, gift collection box, and guest book
  10. Beautify the bride and groom’s home

7 days

  1. Make sure your bridal attire fits and make changes if necessary
  2. Appoint your wedding drivers
  3. Review your wedding plan
  4. Give your venue manager and caterer a copy of the wedding layout
  5. Confirm the number of guests and pass them on to your event manager and caterer
  6. Let your wedding salespeople know of any last minute changes
  7. Confirm your honeymoon reservations and prepare for your honeymoon
  8. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the bride’s guest list


  1. List the items to bring on the wedding day and do a full review of the items on this checklist
  2. Appoint someone you trust to assist you with paying the wedding vendors after the wedding event is over
  3. Appoint someone to return rented items once the event is over
  4. Appoint someone to help you put the direction lists for wedding venues in the right places
  5. Assign one person to manage the wedding caterers and organize the wedding venue
  6. Arrange someone to manage the wedding floor – to coordinate the presenter, DJ, entertainers, website lighting, etc.
  7. Give the final wedding plan to all members of your wedding party
  8. Share the final wedding plan with all wedding sellers
  9. Communicate seating arrangements with ushers


  1. Do a final review of this checklist and make sure you bring all of the items required for the wedding
  2. Wear and make sure the official wedding rings / thali are brought to the wedding venue
  3. Enjoy the planned wedding and relax!

Despite the fact that the Indian Wedding Planning Checklist was created according to a planning cycle of at least 12 months, you can use this checklist for shorter or longer marriage planning periods with several useful adjustments to the checklist.


For couples who may have a very short planning time, we recommend one of the following alternative options:

1. Develop an extreme “catch-up” strategy for prep work for the time you have lost OR

2. Contact a wedding event coordinator

If you lack time and decide on option (2) but still don’t want to spend too much money on appointing a wedding coordinator, come up with a selection of tasks that you and your partner think you and your partner will personally take care of . You can outsource the remaining tasks to your wedding coordinator and take responsibility for your wedding budget.


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