And so the best place to start might be right at the beginning and it started on a winter day, January 15, 2004, when Kelly gave birth to this cheeky guy.

He looked just like his mother, always did, even as he got older.

She already had a son before her, Ross, who was four years old when Jamie came with her.

And she was a lovely mother, she worked for her parents Joe and Shelley for a while while the boys were little.

But I think it’s fair to say she had her hands full with young Jamie.

Ross had been a quiet boy, but this one was like lightning.

He was a kid you didn’t take your eyes off of for two seconds.

It had two speeds; Stop and run, he never left.

The other mommies they lived with in Pelton could remember Jamie wearing just a pair of rubber boots and just lifting off the street.

He was fine a living wire and you haven’t turned your back on him.

But he was a smart boy and he adored his brother.

Now I think we all know that, tragically, when Jamie was only four years old, he suffered perhaps the greatest trauma a child could ever suffer when his mother was lost in appalling circumstances.

And that’s something that the rest of his life couldn’t have left out of consideration.

It so happens that we need the love and support of our family members most urgently and Jamie was lucky enough, I think, in the sense that he had his brother and grandparents and they were able to offer some comfort and for one loving and loving life to provide stable home for Jamie.

And that’s how they did it. One thing Jamie has never lacked in his entire life was love.

The two boys moved in with their grandma and grandma, and for a while Jamie clung to Ross like a little koala bear.

But gradually life began to go on and the world kept turning.

Shelley and Joe bought a trailer at the time and were able to give these guys some wonderful memories of holidays and weekends across the Northumberland area. Beadnell was a favorite.

Jamie has had a great love for nature all his life, and so those precious times he spent in the trailer were just perfect for him.

He had to go kayaking and fishing. Ross would row and Jamie would fish.

They also had a pair of wetsuits and would jump off the harbor wall into the sea.

Because, as we already know, Jamie was a child who wasn’t scared at all.

That never changed as he got older.

He was a real daredevil.

And he had so much energy!

But Northumberland’s beaches are huge and often empty, and that was handy because they could just let him go, and that’s exactly what he did, he ran for miles on those beaches.

And as he got older, it became clear that Jamie was an absolutely brilliant runner, so much so that he earned the nickname Forest Gump.

He was fast, but he also had stamina and he enjoyed doing long distances and cross-country skiing.

He ran to school, even tried the county, and finished ninth.

And it is so often, isn’t it?

When someone is good at a sport, they seem to have a knack for whatever they turn to.

And exercise was certainly a big part of Jamie’s life.

He was a talented soccer player, and indeed there was talk of going to Sunderland Academy one day.

He played cricket, he was a great swimmer, and every year Joe took him to Lambton to do a clay pigeon shoot he was a blast too.

He went to Rosebery Elementary School and then Hermitage, but did not do so well in school.

And over time he went to an alternative school (PACC) and they really seemed able to get the best out of him there.

And of course there were all sorts of activities that fit Jamie to the core: mountain biking, pothole riding, and all kinds of things.

Not so long ago they raised money for toilets for Africa and there are many things you can think of to raise funds for, but Jamie just did it ……. And disguised as a toilet.

It got stormy and he raised the most money of all.

The teachers loved him, well let’s be honest with that smile, how could you not?

I mean don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t an angel.

But despite everything he’s seen in a few scratches over the years, he was never a bad boy and it was impossible not to love him.

And at home, Jamie had a lot of friends, he always enjoyed hanging out with his friends, wreaking havoc, making videos and posting them on Facebook about all his antics.

Because I mentioned he wasn’t scared, well, that never changed.

I mean, you never wanted to dare Jamie because he would just do it.

Summers were often spent in Chester Park, and there are videos of Jamie jumping off the blue bridge or riding his bike down the bank into the water.

Just laugh, you know, just like you.

There were some great days he and his friends took the bus to South Shields over the summer for a day at the beach.

I’m sure you all remember the time when someone had a helium balloon and Jamie set it on fire on the bus.

That caused a few screams from the girls.

But he was a popular boy and he had a lot of friends.

Friends too, there were Libby and later Gracie, both just from their small group of friends.

And there have been some good times.

It was the same in the family, everyone has a soft spot for Jamie.

He also enjoyed his vacations over the years with his grandma and Granda and Ross.

You have been to places like Ibiza, Gran Canaria and even Amsterdam which was a bold move that made him go there!

Somehow he managed to lose his shoes on the boat, but if that’s all that happened …

But you know that for all his antics, Jamie had a certain sensitive side that not everyone saw.

For example, he was good at art.

And when Shelley and Joe were decorating their house, Jamie just seemed to have a keen eye for what worked and what didn’t, and he chose most of the decorations that are in their house right now.

Even when he suggested things that they thought wouldn’t work, they did and it looks awesome.

Although Shelley was a little worried a while ago when he said he’d bought her a new rug, it turned out that only Jamie was lying on the floor wearing a tiger print romper suit.

And here is something that many people may not have known about him.

He was also a smart cook.

He made a cracking pavlova every Christmas.

But he could point his hand in any way, he would get out his herbs and some steak or chicken.

He made cakes and a nice mac and cheese.

And I was told that he made the best cup of tea ever.

But then he wouldn’t because he’d had a lot of practice making cups of tea.

Jamie loved his tea – and his Jaffa cakes, and that’s how he earned the nickname ‘Jaffa’.

And when he wasn’t out with his friends, Jamie spent his time at home contentedly.

He loved to take pictures, things like the night sky or beautiful sunsets that he knew his grandma would always love.

And three years ago he got his little dog, a cocker spaniel named Robbie, and he had a lot of help from his granda to look after him, but he absolutely loved this dog.

Gradually he has started settling down a lot over the years and he was overjoyed to get a job at Callum working for his landscaping business.

He was very proud of the job. All you have to do is check his Facebook page to see how many pictures he posted of all the work they did.

And Callum thinks he was a crack worker.

But of course this work suited Jamie because he loved being outside and he and Callum had a few laughs, he loved hearing all of Callum’s stories about some of his antics over the years in the army, and so did he was so proud of Callum’s medals.

He loved nothing better than a good laugh and he had a great sense of humor even though it was dry and he said what it was like, you know he didn’t have a filter.

But it was funny. And then he would come home and have a couple of bottles of Bud by the fire pit with his pals after he finished his transplant.

Then, of course, the ban came and that changed everything for all of us.

But Jamie was ticking smart, you know?

He had his “manshed” in the garden and in his fire pit, and we won’t tell anyone, but he occasionally had a few friends who just sat by the fire and listened to music.

He even loved his music some of the old stuff, and the louder the better, whether the neighbors liked it or not.

And his job seemed to put Jamie in focus on his life.

He had plans!

He hoped to buy a van in the future and do business alongside Callum.

But Jamie still had his demons, Christmas was always tough and Mother’s Day and no matter how well supported he was and how much he was loved [and he was very much loved] …… ..we found each other here today.

So let’s take a moment to listen to a piece of music that Jamie always said he wanted as his wedding song.

And as we listen, we think about the boy that it was.

By Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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