Wedding DJ cost in Houston

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost in Houston?

So, how much does a wedding dj cost in Houston?

The Wedding DJ cost in Houston is different than the US.

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You’re reading this article because, you either just got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! Or you waited a little bit longer. Perhaps you waited to pick out your venue and dress first. Brides always want to know how much does a Wedding DJ cost.

Wedding DJ costs vary greatly for many reasons. The DJs you interview will vary inexperience. Some Just started out. Other DJs have many, many years of experience. Chose the best DJ that fits both your budget and your personality.

The National Average for booking a DJ around the United States is $1,000 based on WeddingWire. However, the Houston average is closer to $800.

The Price range in Houston is anywhere from $450 to $3,500 for your DJ service. However, that does not include any extras.

What is included in that cost?

For the price, you should only expect to get a Basic DJ setup. This consists of Two speakers, Music, A Microphone, and the DJ himself. In addition, you want to inquiry about all the extras.

If you have a ceremony at the venue, but in a different room or even outside. Make sure you ask if that is included in the price. If more equipment is required, you should expect to pay an additional fee. For that, I can only estimate anywhere from $100 to $400. Make sure it at least comes with an additional speaker, an additional microphone, and an additional source for music.

Why do Wedding DJ Costs in Houston Vary so much?

DJ Prices vary so much because every DJ is different. Additionally, the level of experience usually reflects the cost. A starting DJ will have less work and less experience, therefore charge a lot less. Paying less for a DJ will save you money, however, less experienced will show during your event. Possibly, in ways, you can’t imagine and probably don’t want to imagine.

Wedding DJ Costs
Upgraded DJ Lighting Packages

Does the DJ include dance floor Lighting?

Not all DJs near Houston include lighting. In Fact, the majority of DJs do NOT include any type of dance floor lighting. We offer basic Dance floor Lighting for free with all our packages. For those that want more, we have an upgraded lighting package that will not only light up the dance floor but can also position them around the room for an elegant atmosphere.

Dance Floor Lighting
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What type of equipment does the DJ Provide?

The type of equipment that a DJ provides should include the following. First of all, enough equipment to fill out the room. A room that holds 250 guests, may have an event with only 50 people.

Second, the equipment must be reliable. Professional Grade equipment is not the same as the equipment used at home. Some Trusted brands include; Pioneer, RCF, ElectroVoice, JBL, Rane, etc.. just to name a few. The better the brand, the more reliable it is, as a result, the higher the DJ Service will cost. The good news; you’ll have a great sound that won’t FAIL.

Finally, a DJ should provide atheistically pleasing equipment. Not only must it sound good, but it also has to look good too. Weddings are very beautiful events, the DJ Should also keep his area clean, and cables are hidden.

Why is the Wedding DJ Cost in Houston High?

The DJ is the person who will be there, 2 to 4 hours before the event starts, and leave one hour after the event ends. Additionally, there are about 10 to 20 hours of prep time. At least 10. Depending on the event, some events do require a lot more prep time, plus time consulting the client.

The experience is also another factor. More experienced DJs will require a little more of an investment for a better resulting event.

Basically, your event is in the hands of the Wedding Entertainer or Wedding DJ. The success of your event depends on him. That’s a lot of responsibility.

Are we expected to tip the DJ?

DJs are Services, just like any other service. Limo Drivers, Bartenders, etc… You are not required to tip us. I don’t really expect it. However, if you feel the DJ went above and beyond and rocked your wedding reception. One way to show gratitude is by slipping the DJ a $20, $50, or even $100 bill. We will be very grateful!

What Questions should I ask a Wedding DJ?

The Frequently asked DJ Questions I get are on our website. Additionally, we have a Free guide The Top 40 Questions You Can Ask a Wedding DJ.

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