Dancing on the Cloud

Dancing on the Cloud Grand Introductions

I’ve uploaded another Dancing on the Cloud Video to Youtube. This one is also unedited, RAW. This video includes the Full Bridal Party Introductions as well as the bride and groom’s introductions.

If you are looking to hire a bilingual wedding dj, this one is a great example of the energy and enthusiasm of the guests. As a DJ it is our job to get that energy out of the guest. There is a trick to it, its in plain sight, however many people miss it.

No it is not just screaming out the names of the bridal party. It’s an unconscious trigger that I discovered a long time ago and still works great today. It has to do with tonalities.

This video is at The Springs Venue in Appleton. The video uploaded yesterday that had was at a different Location. Dancing on the Clouds

See if you can spot it.

You can view the video on this website or go straight to youtube and watch it Dancing on the Clouds

To book the Dancing on the Cloud Service, visit the main website and you can also in quire about a DJ in Houston for your wedding

The clouds produced by our machine, the Chauvet Nimbus, are completely safe to use. There are no vapors and it’s only a Dry Ice machine.

It has been accepted at 99 percent of the venues in the Houston-Galveston-Katy-Woodlands-Baytown area. Only one venue does not allow it and that is the Doyle Convention Center.

Most hotels are open to it.

In this video you are also able to see us perform the bridal party introductions. We are able to perform them in Spanish, English or both. That is a great thing for people that have guests that cannot speak either of the two languages fluently. By involving them in their native language, grandma and grandpa really appreciate that.

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