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Wedding Cumbias (Part 1)

Wedding Cumbias are by far the connecting link between all Latin people. Everyone loves to dance the cumbia whether they are;

  • Cumbias Colombianas
  • Cumbias Sonideras
  • Cumbias Guaracha
  • Cumbias Tejanas
  • Cumbias Noreñas
  • Cumbias Regionales
  • Fito Olivares Cumbias
  • Kumbia Kings Cumbias (Old Kumbia Kings)
  • etc…

We all love to dance wedding cumbias. Especially if they are upbeat and organized in a way they can be danced without interruption. One of the main reasons people at Weddings and Quinceañeras come back to use my service is because I organize all my cumbias and because I let the majority of the song play before mixing in the next song.

Why do people like that?

Because they like to listen to the song in its entirety, as it is played on the radio or in their cars. Would you like it if you are listening to your favorite song and somebody cut it off to play another song you don’t care about? Probably not and that would probably ruin your “in fun” moment. Especially if you are singing the song and they cut it off before “the good part,” you know, the part where you have to take a deep breath just so you have enough air to get through that part and SHOUT at the top of your lungs. We all have our favorite songs and our favorite parts in our favorite song. Ask your DJ not to ruin that moment for you. :)

What are those popular songs?

Fito Olivares has A LOT of them and they are well liked by all latin people. Mexican, Salvadorean, Puerto Rican, Tejano, etc… He has so many good cumbias that you can go out and buy any two Fito Olivares CD’s and play a couple of sets of Cumbias just from those Two CD’s. Some songs include Aguita De Melon, El Colesterol , Juana La Cubana, Yo No Bailo Con Juana,Cumbia Caliente, Marisol, Guera Salome, Cumbia Y Guarare, and More. These are just the ones that come to mind because of how often I play these. Older latin crowds love these, and by older I mean 25 yrs. and up. The group you normally see at weddings.

Aniceto Molina, Celso Piña, Tropa Colombiana…

Wedding Cumbias Songs … 2019 Re-visit of this blog post…

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