Wedding Planning Tips: Read for success!

Planning a successful wedding takes some knowledge. For the do-it-yourself person, the only way you can acquire that knowledge is through reading and trying. Here are a few good articles online that will help you understand some of the ideas behind a wedding. This will be very beneficial, especially if this is your first time planning a wedding. ;)

  • 20 Things to Learn From our Wedding Planner
    Good and quick read, the links in that article have gone dead for some reason, hopefully they fix them soon.
  • 10 Secrets to a Successful Stress-Free Wedding
    Suggestion, skip the loooong introduction and look for #1 and start reading from there. The introduction sounds too science fictional psychology. But the 10 points are good ideas to follow.
  • Setting Your Wedding Budget
    Setting up your Wedding Budget is important because it can and will get out of hand, also make sure your budget is reasonable. Before Setting up your wedding budget, call around and get prices for everything. Once you have prices, decide what has more value to you and where you would like to spend more and where you want to spend less.
  • How to Set a Budget for Your Wedding
    This part is so important that I put two good articles I liked. This one has a more extensive percentage chart.

Take the time to read and inform yourself because even if you hire a wedding coordinator, it is a good idea to have the knowledge so that you can appreciate what the coordinator does (or vendors do) for your wedding. Also, you can feel more confident about providing the input on your needs and expectations. And working together in a positive and productive manner will lead to a great relationship with your coordinator (or vendors), an assurance that things will be exactly as you want, less stress, and a spectacular wedding day!

Happy Planning!!

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