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Most of you arriving here will be planning your own Wedding Reception. If you know exactly step-by-step how you want your wedding reception to run, then this article is probably not for you. In an article at, Nina Davis states some of the unseen problems you may run into without prior-proper-planning.

You have said your vows, placed the ring on each other’s fingers; become husband and wife; and walked down the aisle TWICE without falling. Everything seems to be a success; however, you still have one event left, the reception. The wedding reception leaves plenty of room for disasters: the reception line is in the wrong order, the best man gives a drunken speech, there aren’t enough party favors for all the guests, and the list goes on.

Nina Davis, Vice President and General Manager of the Mathews House, 30 years experience in event planning.

So you can see the DJ/MC/Event Coordinator will play a major role in most of the events in the reception. Add the fact that the reception is probably the most overlooked or putt-off task that brides face when planning their wedding day and you have a recipe for disaster. Running around chasing people, your wedding day, to make sure that everything gets done exactly how you want it, does not sound like “the Wedding day of your Dreams.”

-Why do brides put-off or overlook the planning of the reception?
For many reasons;

  1. It is a massive task for one person to conquer
  2. No prior experience by bride or family member in wedding planning
  3. The bride does not know where to begin planning
  4. Assumptions that the DJ knows what he is doing and will plan the reception exactly as the bride wants it

If by your wedding day, you have not sat down with your DJ/MC/Event Coordinator and discussed the particulars of your reception, the above statement by Nina Davis is very likely to come true.

What can be worse than the Master of Ceremonies (MC) or DJ…

  • saying the name of the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the incorrect order
  • Announcing that the food is ready, when it’s running behind a few minutes
  • Announcing that the toast is ready when the Bride and/or Groom may be out of the reception room
  • Announcing the cutting of the cake when the Bride and Groom, the photographer, or the video camera man is/are not available/ready
  • Playing music that the Bride, Groom, or family thinks is inappropriate for their event


Here are the 5 basic steps I use avoid all these common and unforeseen mistakes

  1. Schedule up 3 Consultations to discuss in Detail the specific order of events for your reception (Some meetings last 45 minutes and some have lasted up to 3 Hours)
  2. Encourage you to provide a list of names of the Bridal Party and anybody else that will be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the event
  3. Coordinate the times with the photographer, video camera man/woman, and banquet coordinator (We also provide them with a copy of your wedding day itinerary)
  4. Ask you, during our consultation, what are the must play songs and what are the must not play songs
  5. Go over everything with great detail approximately 1 week prior to you wedding day (review)

Reek the Benefits of Prior-Proper-Planning

So what are the benefits of Prior-Proper-Planning?

  • Calmness and relaxation
  • Extra time to spend with friends and family
  • Delegate the job of running around to your DJ/MC/Coordinator
  • More smiling and happy pictures/memories
  • Your wedding professionals will know how to serve you better
  • The relief of knowing that everything has been planned

I will provide a testimonial of one of my most recent receptions where the celebrants benefited from the 5 basic steps mentioned above


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, our guests commented on how professional you were and what a wonderful night they had. All the teenagers and … adults were extremely happy with the way you handled [VIP’s Event]. This was the first time we saw the DJ interact with the guests in a more personal manner. The guests really enjoyed you asking them what type of music they preferred. Also we really like the way everything was announced for the dances… And you kept the crowd on the dance floor….

Thank you,

Dianne Arellano

So if you are a person that enjoys calmness and relaxation, extra time to spend with family and friends, delegating the task of running around to your DJ/MC/Coordinator and the countless other benefits that are gained as a result of proper-prior-planning, include us in your search of a “calm, relaxed, and joyful wedding day”

Francisco H. Perez

FHP Entertainment
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