How to Plan a Mexican Wedding Reception Timeline

How to Plan a Mexican Wedding (or Latino) Wedding Reception Itinerary

If you’re looking for a Wedding DJ in Houston that can help you plan your wedding reception, then you’re on the right website. I, Francisco Perez (iamsimplyfrank) help all my clients to plan the perfect Mexican Wedding Reception timeline or itinerary for their matrimonial celebration.

If you don’t have Elegante Entertainment, Houston wedding DJ services as your wedding DJ company, then you may want to take a look at this video as it will help you plan your Latino Wedding Reception Timeline.

Even if you’re a DIY bride, which means you’re doing all the planning on your own or with the help of family members. For you, I have a youtube channel that I am in the process of adding content to.

I am in the process of adding content to my youtube channel iDJmyWedding. This channel is going to take you through the whole process of how to DJ your own Wedding Reception. If you’ve ever tried to hire a great wedding DJ, then you know the struggle. Maybe you’ve hired one in the past and you had a horrific experience with the attitude of the DJ. Or maybe, you’re just doing everything DIY because your budget does not allow for a professional wedding DJ.

Mexican Wedding Timeline Video Tutorial

Ok so here we have the video, feel free to click through to the video and watch it on youtube. Or if you want to keep track of our DJ service, feel free to watch it through our website. Either way, I hope I hope this video helps you plan your upcoming wedding reception itinerary.


Sample Mexican Wedding Reception Timeline

The sample timeline used in this video was uploaded to our google docs page at:

I will copy and paste it below.

6:00 PM Guest Arrival

Bride and groom Announced (Grand Introduction) 01 Song?

6:30 PM Dinner is served (Seated Dinner vs a Buffet Dinner)

      • Dinner Background Music (playlist)
      • Mariachi
      • Saxophonist
      • Family Photo Session

8:30 PM Dinner Ends



Bridal Party Introductions (02 Song?)

Names and In order

Bride and Groom (03 Song?)

First Dance (04 Song?)

Bride Dance (05 Song?)

Groom Dance (06 Song?)

Toast ( Best man and Maid of Honor Best friends) Parents or Sibling

      • Padrinos, Bridal Party, Siblings, and Grandparents

Cake Cutting (07 Song?)

(08 Song ?)

Vibora De La Mar (Ladies)

(09 Vibora de la Mar – Impacto de Montemorelos)

Bouquet Toss (08 Song ?)


Vibora De La Mar (Gentlemen)

(09 Vibora de la Mar – Impacto de Montemorelos)

Garter Removal (11 Song?)

Garter Toss (10Song?)

      • Muerto

Dollar Dance (Cumbias)



Must Play song



1:00 AMĀ  Party Ends

Video Link:

Elegante Entertainment Bilingual DJs Near Houston

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How to Plan a Mexican Wedding Reception Timeline

Youtube Video Review

We got our first review on our youtube video. I’m so grateful these videos help out people plan their wedding reception!

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