CATFISH UK hosts Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler were visibly intimidated by “sinister” notes and gifts given to two TikTok stars – before exposing the couple’s own employee as an “obsessive fan”.

The MTV presenters helped Dumfrie’s couple Cole and Abbie Howat on last night’s episode when their marriage reached the breaking point of mysterious gifts.


Catfish UK was chucked in to track down a creepy fan who was sending gifts to a TikTok couplePhoto credit: MTVCole and Abbie Howat said they were at the breaking point of the sinister gifts


Cole and Abbie Howat said they were at the breaking point of the sinister giftsPhoto credit: MTV

The couple, who have almost a million followers on the social media platform, had been inundated with gifts, including balloons, hoodies with their pictures, flowers and a canvas with their wedding song.

Every gift sent to her home address was accompanied by a chilling note that read, “I will always win.”

The couple, who run a barber shop, feared the overly personal gifts and let go of Julie and Oobah to track down the “fan”.

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Cole told them, “We recently got some really creepy gifts from an anonymous fansite.

“The whole thing is starting to freak me out so much that it puts a heavy strain on our marriage. I’m on the edge all the time when I’m literally at the breaking point.

“I put cameras right around my house and it’s just not me as a person, but that’s how paranoid I’ve gotten.

“Everything feels really scary, everything about it.”


The gifts were always accompanied by a note that read: “I will always win”Photo credit: MTVThe MTV show helped solve the mystery fan account puzzle


The MTV show helped solve the mystery fan account puzzlePhoto credit: MTV

Abbie added: “When it comes to your home address with the message ‘I will always win’ it is not a nice feeling.

“We have no idea who is sending any of these gifts. They literally leave us no trace.”

After ruling out Cole’s “jealous” brother, Julie and Oobah posted a message on the anonymous fansite asking them to contact the 10 moderators who run the couple’s social media account.

Abbie provided the contact details for her team, but hoped it wasn’t the “worst-case scenario” that either of them was involved.

She added, “If it’s someone we trust, we put everything, our lives, our children in their hands, my trust would be gone.”

While chatting at Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens, Oobah receives a call from one of the presenters named Nicky who said she was ready to meet her the next day and wanted to help.

He also receives a text from the mystery fan who insists that they want to come clean.

The couple meet at a dock and are devastated when they find out that the person behind the presents is presenter Nicky.

“Nicky, we can’t be here because you’re the catfish,” Abbie says in disbelief. “We trusted you.”

She raged: “You saw what Cole went through and we are still here. We all suspected her own brother, our whole family, but all along it was you, our friend.”

Nicky burst into tears and said to the couple and the cameras, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get this far.

“You always said you didn’t want anything, and from this account you can’t stop me from sending gifts.

“I just wanted to send you love and support and make you smile, it should never be anything else.”


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Explaining the notes, “I will always win,” she continued, “I like to help people, not just Cole and Abbie, but others too. When people argue with me, I say,” I will always win. “I see now how it could make you uncomfortable.

“‘It got too much towards the end when Cole was really struggling. I didn’t know how to tell you.”

Despite her shock, Cole said she was “relieved” that Nicky was responsible and not a malicious fan.

Two months after filming, the couple said they were in the “best possible position” in their marriage and that they had forgiven Nicky.

Nicky, who has since deleted her fan account, said she felt “good” and that their friendship was “better than ever”.

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