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Names, Games and Food for Thought for Final Four, Fun and Fun.

Shake and stir this Final Four weekend as you hope Houston doesn’t fall on the worst market ratings for the Final Four. Always a clear option.

Those in Atlanta for the final three games of this sideways college season should take the most direct dribble drive route for the Holman & Finch Public House in South Buckhead. Here’s why …

This is a two-patty cheeseburger stacked on a homemade bun and served alongside hand-cut french fries and homemade ketchup, mustard and pickles. Beware – the burger is not on the menu and only 24 are available on a given night (yes, only 24). Plan accordingly for the blow at 10:00 p.m. when a screeching megaphone screeches and says, “It’s burger time!” Make my medium with a Guinness rare.

Or, if you prefer less pomp and ambiance, there is always Heirloom Market BBQ. Here’s why …

This is the spicy Korean pork sandwich. The smoked Berkshire is marinated in Gochujang chili paste and served on a glazed potato bun with a wig of kimchi. The flavor is packaged in large part thanks to the local flavor, thanks to two bespoke grill vaults that are shipped from here in town. Really.

Oh, if you’re staying in Houston heaven, here’s how to add to the mad hop fun and frolic …


Official observation site: Houston Texans Grill, downtown

Preferred Blogorrhea Venue: Lucky’s Pub, downtown.

Player to watch: Russ Smith. Burn down the brackets. Soot-torn and roared so far for 23, 27, 31 and 23 points, shooting 53% off the ground and 80% off the line.

Why root: Last remaining big ticket blueblood steeped in tradition. For the old school among us all. Think bourbon. And since it’s Lull-vull, Ken-tuc-ky, think of Pappy Van Winkle’s 23-year family reserve.

The Vig and Don’t Mean Butch: OVER 70.5 points. Only Oregon stopped the cards from shuffling and rough and running away. And even then, they have 77 rim stands.


Official observation site: Buffalo Wild Wings, Midtown.

Preferred Blogorrhea Venue: Coaches Pub, Midtown.

Player to watch: James Southerland. Lone long distance stretch shooter with a low outfit and reliable octane rating.

Why to Root: As long as alive, never far from Boeheim’s media moment. And all of us, how fun it can be.

The Vig and Don’t Mean Butch: UNDER 64.5 total points. Michigan’s strength is far from shutting down D, but the Orange have only squeezed 66, 61 and 55 points in their last three tournament wins. Failed to overtake 60 of the last three regular season runs.


Official observation site: Mezzanine Lounge, Southwest Freeway and Greenbriar / Shepherd.

Preferred Blogorrhea Venue: LA Bar, Richmond Ave.

Player to watch: Trey Burke. Perfect orchestrator for John Beilein’s spread and shoot system. No better distance team in the country (think Rocketball, Campus Edition). And Burke has the knack for when to push, when to stop and bang, when to pull it back and drive and feed to long-range bombers.

Why root: To force more “Fab Five” references into CBS production than NCAA bedfellows can stand. The suits simply cannot escape the dreaded evacuated

Subject when the Wolverines crash the main event on Monday night. The Vig and Don’t Mean Butch:

OVER 10 POINTS Mitch McGary. The freshman fresh from two consecutive 20-point explosions and averaging 17.5 in the tournament. Seasonal Average = about 7. Timing is everything.

WICHITA STATE Official observation site:

None. None at all. Where is the representation? Preferred Blogorrhea Venue:

Christian’s tailgate, The Heights. Player to watch:

Ron Baker. The Wichita white. Catch-and-shoot long-range drill master. And Geldmann on the foul (9: 9 in the regional final win against Ohio State). Why root:

To completely saturate the Twitterverse and blogosphere with every single smarmy “shocker” reference. The Vig and Don’t Mean Butch:

10.5 Outsiders after the so far extremely great life. The No. 9 won directly against No. 8 Pitt (+4.5), No. 1 Gonzaga (+7) and No. 2 Ohio State (+4.5). But not this time. Take the ‘Ville. To the bank. For the title. Drive past the Pappy Van Winkle.

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