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Dear Friend,

Are you in search of the right company for you music and entertainment needs? And for that matter what is the right company? Do you want somebody that really understands your needs and expectations? Is this your first time looking for a DJ company? Would you like an unbiased education to make the correct decision?

If so… and… live in or near Houston … and are looking for more than “The Top 10 Questions to ask a DJ” (Go to Google and type “wedding dj questions” ), then this unique letter is for you. Whether you stumbled upon it by mere luck, were refereed by one of my recent customers, or you just met me at a recent trade show; the fact is that you are here and you would be unwise not to take what I am about to share with you, seriously. Even if this is not your first time searching for a DJ company, this information will prove so valuable that it will change the way you hire DJ’s.

There are four golden steps to follow when selecting a DJ. These steps are;

First, Plan every aspect clearly and in detail. The first step is the most important one as it will serve as your foundation for your Service Selection Plan. It is not only necessary to have a clear vision on your mind, but to have your vision detailed on paper. You will be surprised how easy it is to forget ideas. By writing your ideas down on paper, you will have a concrete list that you can go through and organize into a plan of action. Go through everything from the dinner, to the final dance in chronological order. Think to yourself, I want this to happen first, second, third, and so on. This gives you a chronological list and an order to follow. Do not worry about times at this time; just write down your ides. Your Final List should look something like this(Click here), but only using the events that you plan on carrying out. This list will serve as a scorecard for everything else. With this scorecard you will be able to check things of as you complete them. There is a rule that I follow called the 10/90 Rule and it states that the first 10% of the time that you spend on planning will save you 90% of the time required to perform the activities. Remember, our activity is finding the correct Service Provider, or in this case the right DJ. As an activity, get a clean sheet of paper, or on your planning notebook, open it to the next clean page and at the top write “Service Selection Plan – DJ” and proceed to complete your list into a chronological order of events that your DJ will follow.

Now that you have your chronological plan of action, visualize how you want the DJ to perform the activities of your luxurious event. Write down the mood that you expect at each part of your event. For example, during the main introduction, the DJ should build up enthusiasm in the guests so that they welcome you with a lot of emotion. During cocktails, you can select the style of music to be played, during the cutting of the cake do you want to stop the music or just make a clear announcement over the music, etc… Make a detailed note on your list as this list will be your basis for hiring the correct DJ. For a generic example, Click here.

Second, Get the DJ on the phone. This is the first of two interviews you will do on your DJ. Remember who serves who and try to see if they practice the same view; We serve You . The more DJ’s you interview over the phone, the more you will have to compare against. If the very first words out of the DJ’s mouth aren’t questions about your event that should immediately raise a red flag. Have a long conversation with him; get a good feeling of what he is all about. Ask questions with a purpose. Do not ask the questions that are floating around the internet, ask questions that will make them think about an answer. If you would like a list of questions that would make the DJ think, or any other vendor for that matter, email me and I will send you this exclusive information . Take notes of this phone interview. On a clear sheet of paper, write the name of the DJ, the date of the call, and any other information that got your attention. Maybe he has a great voice, does not listen well, talks down on his competition, answers your questions and concerns well? etc.

Third, Schedule a personal consultation. It is strongly recommended that you meet them in person. After all this person will represent you to your friends and family so you want to know how they present themselves and how professional they are when it comes to serving you . You should take notes on what you like about this person and what you would like to see more improvement. The main reason you want to meet with them is to decide whether this is the right DJ for you. Go over with them, in detail, your itinerary for the day of the event. Once you have completed this, ask them how they would present this to your friends and family. There are two key points to look for when they repeat to you what you just explained to them; do they fully understand you and do they visualize the day of the event, in the same manner that you portrayed it. Once you find the correct DJ, book him as fast as you can because chances are he is a good DJ and will be booked very quickly.

Finally, Go over the schedule one final time . Whether it is a week before or the day of the event, things can and will change from the time you met your DJ, so make sure that you both are up to date with changes. Use this time to ask any additional question that you might have come up with and allow the DJ to suggest ways to improve the areas that you are struggling to make a decision on.

There you have it, pretty simple right? I know this is a lot of information and I do hope it brings me some business but more importantly i hope it will guide you and help you in making an informed decision. This does not only help you in the selection of a DJ, but in the selection of a photographer, videographer, and just about any other vendor that will serve you in your Wedding, Quinceanera, or Corporate event.

Remember Knowledge is power and the lack of could leave you…well… powerless

If you would like for us to take charge in doing all of the organization and preparation described in the first step, please allow us to be of assistance as it would bring us great pleasure to know that we can be part of such a vital step in your Wedding Planning.

By Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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