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Having a Great Day


Good (Chilly) Tuesday Morning to everyone,

Today I feel great, it’s been a hectic month with many events and with other projects that I have been working on. One Project was to build a Karaoke Jukebox. Well, two actually, and have them ready for a client in Ohio. It was a great experience and of course, a learning one like always.

Today I get a call from the client, and they are on their way to Houston to pick them up.

Weddings for March have been great, plenty of them to go around, then in April I am back to one wedding every weekend until the end of July… August is usually a slow month for me so I take the opportunity to take my girls out of town to get away from the normal life…

Today is a Lazy day for me, except for one appointment that could not happen yesterday, I have nothing else planned except taking my girls somewhere after they get out of school, anywhere, just in order for them to have fun.

I hope your wedding planning days are coming great!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Francisco H. Perez
Bilingual Wedding DJ in Houston

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