I Love Reading Great things About Elegante Entertainment

So I am researching my company on the internet and I come to some great reads about our services…

I used Elegante Entertainment for my wedding and he was absolutely amazing! He was extremely good about getting back through e-mail and he would drive 45 minutes to meet me as I live in Huntsville. I would strongly recommend him. He was also affordable and very professional

This is what I wrote about him on my vendor review.

and then

I attended a friend’s wedding that used EE. He was great. I ran into EE at an open house shortly after the wedding. 6 months later when searching for DJ- EE was one of the contenders (along with Space City and LG). Frank is super nice and really responsive. We ended up booking EE (it was between Space City and EE). LG was not even in the running after our meeting. It was a nightmare meeting with LG!

Anyhow- I say go with EE.

all can be found on TheKnot.com

Wedding SEO in 2013

SEO and your website: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed drastically, for those of you who were in the first page of google and lost ranking and for those of you who want to get on the first page of google now is the time to learn what new techniques are working… I was on the first page for many of my keywords from 2005 until this year 2013 but since 2006 I did not have to do any Search Engine optimization since the rules had not changed.. today, many other things go into account…

Due to the constant evolution of search engine algorithms, it’s important to keep your SEO practices up to date. If Google Panda and Penguin (and now, Penguin 2.0) have proven anything, it’s that some techniques quickly become outdated. Many tactics that worked last year are completely ineffective now. That’s why it’s necessary to make the proper adjustments along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the top SEO trends of 2013 and how to use them to benefit your campaign.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

A few years ago, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets were just starting to catch on. According to Marketing Land, almost 40 percent of people are now accessing the Internet via mobile devices. When it comes to social media, that figure is even higher at 55 percent. If this growth pattern continues, half of all Internet browsing will be done on mobile devices within a few years.

This means it’s never been more important to adapt to this trend and make your website content mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you’re giving up traffic, conversions and sales. Even if you offer a fantastic product/service and have a great-looking site, mobile users are likely to go to competitors when they have a negative experience on your website due to its lack of mobile-optimization and become frustrated. Luckily, there are a few ways to meet the demand for mobile.

• Create a mobile version of a website
• Implement responsive web design (RWD)
• Utilize a WordPress plugin like UppSite to convert a site into an HTML 5 app

Each of these strategies has advantages and disadvantages, but can help you capitalize on the mobile trend. Creating an alternate mobile version tends to be less expensive than RWD, but causes you to lose valuable link-juice and SEO “equity.”

RWD is more expensive, but ensures a seamless experience for users regardless of screen size or mobile device. Additionally, RWD preserves SEO value for users performing searches from their mobile device. All things considered, I recommend RWD.

Search Engine Manipulation Has Become Much More Difficult

In the past, it was often possible to perform a little keyword research, mindlessly stuff keywords into a body of text while offering little value and climb the rankings. Things have changed quite a bit since then. With Panda, Google officially waged war on webmasters who use black-hat SEO techniques to manipulate search engines and frowned upon poor onsite user experience. Matt Cutts, the head of search quality at Google, has made it abundantly clear that web spam won’t be tolerated and that quality content is crucial.

To climb the rankings, it usually requires content that’s legitimately entertaining and/or provides value that people can feel. When content meets these criteria, it tends to get shared naturally on relevant websites, which increases the number of inbound links it receives. Using underhanded techniques like paying for links, spinning articles, creating links on irrelevant sites and general spam now have a negative effect, since the release of Google Penguin.

Even if you do somehow manage to get on the first page of Google’s search results, visitors will quickly leave and never return if there’s no real value. The best way to get ahead is to give your audience what they want. By focusing on quality and putting forth enough effort, your site should flourish, maintain solid rankings and be protected from future algorithm changes.

Longer Content Has Become More Important

While it’s still possible to rank well with shorter articles ranging from 300 to 500 words, it’s advantageous to create longer articles that are more in depth. A study by Moz has shown that the higher the word count, the more links an article will get. Since the quantity and quality of backlinks are the strongest factor in the ranking algorithm, longer articles tend to result in higher rankings, more inbound links and more website traffic.

For this reason, it’s more beneficial for webmasters to create a handful of 1,000+ word articles instead of dozens of 400-word or less articles. At the same time, it’s important to stay away from fluff or filler content while giving readers enough details to properly drive a point home. When discussing complex information, use plenty of examples for clarification and try to provide images or data analysis when possible.

Join the Social Media Bandwagon

Social media is no longer simply a way for people to keep in touch with friends and family. It’s become a way of life and the medium through which a massive amount of information is shared every day. According to Statistic Brain, Facebook alone had 1.2 billion users as of November, 2012. Also, a total of 2.9 billion hours are spent on YouTube each month. With mobile use on the rise, it’s now possible for people to access their social media accounts on the go, which has further increased these numbers.

In order to boost your SEO power, get on board with social media. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making it convenient for people to share your content on the social media networks of their choice. By installing social share buttons, readers can quickly and easily share your content on their profiles, allowing their followers/friends to have instant access. Coaxing visitors to share information with a well-placed call-to-action is also helpful.

Besides this, establish a social media presence on at least Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you haven’t done so already. Creating a network and posting content where your audience spends time can quickly bring exposure for your brand and website, leading to increased website traffic, leads and sales. While the exact correlation between social shares and search engine rankings has been heavily debated, most experts agree that social shares offer at least some benefit to an SEO campaign.

Integrating Multimedia

Traditional text-based content is still a fundamental part of SEO. Since search engines crawl content and learn its meaning via text, it’s important to optimize your text content accordingly. However, using multimedia such as pictures and videos has become more important. According to Search Engine Watch, images increase post interaction; videos have the same effect, but quite it’s not as substantial. By including pictures and videos within textual content, you can reach your audience on a deeper level than by only providing text.

Multimedia enhances the user experience and makes people more likely to form an emotional bond with your content (ie, evoke an emotion from them), making them much more likely to share it and link to it (both of which are SEO gold). If you’re trying to demonstrate the nuts and bolts of a concept or how something works, utilizing multimedia can make it much easier. This way, an abstract concept can be understood with greater ease. There are a few techniques that improve the effectiveness of multimedia even more. For images, this includes:

• Adding a relevant description with the right keywords
• Adding relevant tags
• Including captions when appropriate

For videos, this includes:

• Adding a summary
• Including relevant tags
• Adding a transcript

By using multimedia, you’re increasing the likelihood that content gets shared. Following a few extra steps will make it easier for search engines to crawl pictures and videos so they will understand what the multimedia is about. This should result in a little extra SEO juice that can raise you above competitors and achieve a higher position.

Google Authorship

In 2013, the adoption of Google Authorship has soared as industry professionals and business owners have come to realize its importance. Not only does successful implementation provide a boost to click-through rates in organic search results, Google has stated that it actually provides a ranking boost to content. It’s rare for Google to confirm anything that affects rankings (due to their desire to protect their algorithm), so when Google makes such a clear statement about something like this, it’s worth paying attention to.


In summary, the top trends of SEO in 2013 are:

• The rapid increase in the importance of mobile optimization
• The death of old, black-hat SEO webspam tactics
• Longer, richer content is ranking better than shorter content
• Social media marketing is imperative to a successful SEO campaign
• Integrating multimedia within text-based content improves and enhances content rankings
• Google authorship is playing a major role in search engine rankings and click-through rates

Did I miss any trends? Let me know in the comments!

Top Wedding DJ Search Terms for 4/24/2012

How do clients arrive at my website?

This is how people are getting to my website, based on the search terms captured through WordPress 4/24/2012

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Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
encrypted_search_terms 6
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All terms were captured with the WordPress.com Stats Plugin

Catching up…

Many people read and enjoy my blog, in the last few months I have not updated my blog due to many obstacles…

#1 Our blog was hosted with an old boss who was an A-hole and changed all the passwords and never gave me access to my files after I quit my job there due to him not paying me for 3 months… and to this day I have not gotten my salary for the last 3 months of work…

#2 I had to figure out a way to move my database from their server to mine without having access to it, which I Finally was able to figure out how to do… Since I didn’t get the files, and only got the database values, I am missing all my pictures on my blog…

#3 I have been involved with many projects helping out some friends with their blogs/websites and just running my business…

I am starting now to get more into video blogging so I want to continue where I left off… Also I have some newer more amazing UP Lights in stock and I want to start showing those off on my youtube and facebook accounts so people can see whats new and whts out there…

So stay tuned for some great videos and some helpful posts…

Happy Planning!!

What are the Top Responsibilities of the DJ


I’ve been a DJ and Master of Ceremonies here in Houston for over 10 Years now.  I started young and learned pretty much everything I needed to know about the DJ Profession on my own.

I remember the first Social Event that I did clearly.

It was a Sweet Fifteen, or a Quinceanera, and I imagine it was also the first time the parents of the Quinceanera had ever celebrated a Quinceanera of their own (as is often the case).

I was new to the business and they were new to the experience. I remember there being times that I was thinking to myself, wow I wonder who’s responsibility was it to make sure that didn’t come out the way it did; you know, to make it flow better or come out better. It certainly wasn’t my responsibility, I’m the DJ… Right? I mean I had all the music they asked for and they provided me with a CD for all their dances. Why is it taking soo long to do the toast? What time will the cake needs to be cut? What do you mean I have to do announcements, I’m Just the DJ I’m not supposed to do that!! Oh, you wanted the radio edited version? Oops…

A few of these things you learn by trial and error, which is scary, especially since most people spend a whole lot of money on an event.

The things that you don’t learn by trial and error, you have to learn by taking the role of leadership and being the person RESPONSIBLE for making sure that everything comes out flawless.

See, MOST DJ’s assume that their sole responsibility is to make sure that they have the correct music and make the correct announcements at the right times…

Are they right in assuming that?

I know a lot of my competition, or who try to classify themselves as my direct competition, are reading this and thinking, yes… that’s all our responsibility… the rest is left up to the bride and groom, parents of the bride and groom, or quinceanera, or the coordinator, if they had it in their budget to hire one.

Well, let’s just assume that they did not hire a coordinator, as most events that I do DO NOT have one, or the parents of the bride and groom, or quinceanera, do not know the ins and outs of planning and running their event, as is OFTEN the case…

Then what?

As the DJ, do you just allow those awkward moments to happen? Like when you announce that the bride and groom are ready to do their first dance, and they are no where to be found? you announce the Father daughter dance and Dad is in the Restroom? SOMEBODY SHOULD HAVE LET HIM KNOW… right?

Well, as I stated before, some things you learn by trial and error, and others you have to take the RESPONSIBILITY ahead of time to make sure that those awkward moments do not happen.

What if just before you announced the bride and groom’s first dance, you went up and told them, in these exact words, or similar words…

We are just about to do your first dance, I need you to stand next to the dance floor, and as soon as this song is over, I am going to get everyone’s attention and announce your first dance…

As soon as, you get the bride and groom next to the dance floor, what if you went one step further and let the father of the bride and mother of the groom know that as soon as the bride and groom are done with their dance, that you, as the DJ, would like for them to be standing next to the dance floor because their special dance with their daughter or son is coming up…

Would you not avoid that void, that awkwardness, that moment where everyone is saying, oh… he’s in the rest room…

Even if there is a coordinator present, who’s job is it to make sure you don’t make an announcement at the wrong time?

The way I see it, it’s falls under the entertainer’s responsibility that HE does not look bad.

So Here are my top 10 Responsibilities that I think the DJ should make his:

  1. Make Sure that he has the correct version of the songs for the Traditional Dances, Cake Cutting, Bouquet & Garter Toss, Grand Introductions, and any other highlighted events.  And that he has them in order on his computer or burned off in order on a CD.
  2. Learn all the names of the people that he has to introduce. There nothing worse than having your name mispronounced or said unclear.
  3. Get EVERYTHING prepared in advance! Learn the Itinerary so that you can make sure that you stay on time.
  4. Look ahead of what the worse case scenario is, and do everything possible to avoid it. The example of getting the bride and groom near the dance floor, or back at their seats is a perfect example. What about the cake cutting, toasting, bouquet and garter toss, etc. What can you as the DJ do to make sure the worse case scenario does not happen.
  5. Have an Introductory Speech to welcome guests and a Farewell Speech to wish the guests and guest of honor farewell.
  6. Have Radio Edited Versions of all the popular and top hits.
  7. Have a clean, presentable area. Hide all cables, get rid of cluttered mess, etc.
  8. Love your Clients, Do everything possible to ensure that the bride and groom or the quinceanera has the most amazing time of their life. This may seem like it should not belong on this list, but how can you care about your client, and then go off to other DJ’s and call them Bridezillas and ungrateful… I will never understand that. If a person is ungrateful or pissed off, it’s because they are not getting the service they paid for.
  9. Have a Positive attitude, 100% of the time, even when nobody is looking. (Or you think nobody is looking)
  10. Have fun, enjoy yourself, how can your client’s guests have fun if you are sitting down the whole night, and not dancing or cracking a smile at all?

So these are the ten Responsibilities I would say, that you as a DJ, or Entertainer should assume, always.

As you can tell, most of them have nothing to do with music. Music is the easiest part of the Job, In my opinion. Mixing Music does take some practice and knowledge, but nothing will kill the party more than guests, feeling awkward, uncomfortable, or even that they don’t know what’s going on. Not Bad Mixing, Not bad music selection (in the sense of going from one genre to the next, inappropriately),  Not playing the music too low, Etc.

And BY GOD if you are going to make announcements over the microphone, make sure that everyone can hear you and understand you. Some DJ’s have this muffled voice that nobody can understand. It sounds as if their equipment has static or their microphone is malfunctioning. Or buy a name brand microphone that works good.

So if you are a DJ and would like to improve his events, these are some guidelines to follow that will take your performance to a whole other level. If you are a bride looking to book a DJ, then now you have slight idea of what to expect from a GOOD DJ that will make sure everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, not just the things the DJ thinks are important.. flows smoothly.

Happy Planning!

|o| Simply Frank |o|