Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a DJ in Houston

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A Quick Guide to Finding the Right One


Looking to hire a DJ for your next event? Maybe it’s your wedding or maybe you are planning a big party at the house. There are many important questions to ask a DJ when looking for the right fit. The below is a quick guide hitting on what we think the five most important ones are.

  1. Is this DJ reliable?

When you research a DJ online, what is the top reason for complaints? The DJ is not reliable. He doesn’t show up on time, doesn’t get setup in time, or in the worst case scenario, doesn’t show up at all. Yikes! Check out reviews or ask your friends/family for any references. Once you have a few you want to pursue, make sure they pick up the phone and respond to your messages in a timely manner. If he or she doesn’t pick up the phone it’s an immediate red flag. If they can’t take the time to respond to you then odds are they aren’t very reliable. Move on.


  1. What kind of services does the DJ provide?

There are lots of different types of DJ’s out there. Some do karaoke, others specialize in weddings, some do both, etc. First thing to figure out is what kind of event you are looking to have. This will determine what kind of services you need from a DJ. It’s also good to know the style of the event so you can determine if the DJ fits what you are looking for. Have these things hammered out before your first call.

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  1. Does the DJ have the right equipment?

If you are having a big wedding reception in an even bigger venue, does the DJ have big enough speakers to reach every corner of the room? If you are wanting karaoke, does the DJ have the appropriate setup for this? What about an outdoor party? Is the DJ you are looking to hire able to ensure the sound quality for your event whether indoors or outdoors? Make sure your DJ can provide the right equipment and has the experience to know what is needed based on your event.


  1. How does the DJ sound and look?

There is so much more that goes into a DJ besides the fact that he or she can play great music. They should also be spending considerable time talking through the microphone as well as interacting with the crowd. Anyone can bring music, a good DJ brings energy to the room in addition to their music. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone with low energy and no personality. Check out the DJ you are debating on hiring on If they don’t have any videos then that isn’t a deal breaker but check out their online reviews and look for positive comments about the appearance, personality, as well as their music tastes.


  1. How much does the DJ charge? Are there any additional fees?

Great question and the one the typically makes or breaks the deal. What do they charge and are there any hidden fees? Maybe there is an overtime fee or a setup fee. Make sure to ask the DJ about all the extras so there are no surprises after your event.

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READ THE CONTRACT! Let’s back up a bit first. If the DJ doesn’t have a contract for you to sign before they perform their services, you should probably look elsewhere. A professional DJ will definitely have some sort of contract for you to read over before hiring them. Next, be sure to read over the contract before signing! What is their cancellation policy? Check out all the small print and make sure what you agreed to over the phone is what is detailed in the contract including any extra fees you could be on the hook for.


The author, Dane Kolbaba, is an owner at Houston Party Ride, a luxury transportation company located in Denver, Colorado.  While specializing in weddings and other special life events, Denver Party Ride has lots of experience working with brides and grooms, wedding planners, DJ’s, officiants and other party vendors.  They have become a trusted source for anything wedding related

Having a Great Day


Good (Chilly) Tuesday Morning to everyone,

Today I feel great, it’s been a hectic month with many events and with other projects that I have been working on. One Project was to build a Karaoke Jukebox. Well, two actually, and have them ready for a client in Ohio. It was a great experience and of course, a learning one like always.

Today I get a call from the client, and they are on their way to Houston to pick them up.

Weddings for March have been great, plenty of them to go around, then in April I am back to one wedding every weekend until the end of July… August is usually a slow month for me so I take the opportunity to take my girls out of town to get away from the normal life…

Today is a Lazy day for me, except for one appointment that could not happen yesterday, I have nothing else planned except taking my girls somewhere after they get out of school, anywhere, just in order for them to have fun.

I hope your wedding planning days are coming great!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Francisco H. Perez
Bilingual Wedding DJ in Houston

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Hurricane Ike Damage Noticeable Around Houston

Hurricane Ike has come and gone, but it’s damage and aftermath is still here for us Houstonians to clean up.

This past weekend I had two weddings cancel because of Hurricane Ike. Although, they will both probably reschedule, I feel really bad that they had to go through not only a Hurricane, but dealing with the rescheduling of such an important day in their lives.

Power is still out through a lot of Houston, but places are slowly starting to light up. We are out of power at home but power returned to our office yesterday.

It’s great that God blessed us with a cold front because we really needed it. Having no power or AC in Houston is very dangerous and deadly.

Last night I woke up at 3:30 am, and I have to admit, I was feeling a bit desperate because if everything does not go as planned, we only have supplies to live for a month at the most. If in one month things do not straighten up, then we (my immediate family) are in serious trouble. Like they say prepare for the worse and hope for the best. By the looks of it, the worse is not going to happen, but you have to wander what if.

After that I just rolled over and kissed my 1 year old girl in the cheek, hugged my wife, and thanked God that we were all still alive and our house was still standing. It almost felt like a new begging and that I had the power to do exactly what I wanted with my life. I don’t know where that came from but it was a realization that I needed.

Let’s hope that Centerpoint Energy and all city and state government officials do as great a job as they have done to this point, and they get this city back on it’s feet.

God Bless!

DJ Francisco