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This is one of those things some people take for granted. Making announcements in English and in in Spanish for your event does require some pre-planning.

There are certain areas that you can say them in one language and then in the other without a problem. However, there are a few times when you have to stop and think about how to phrase it so you can do it in both languages. The primary example is when you are building up the Grand Introduction of the Guest(s) of Honor. Bride and Groom if it’s a Wedding or the Quinceañera if it’s Sweet15.

What I would suggest is that if your guests are 70% or more and can understand one language, then do it in that language. That way you just build it up once and it flows smoothly. If you want to do it in both languages, the technique I use is to say the following, or something similar.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Please rise to welcome…”

“Damas y Caballeros, Nos ponemos de Pie para recibir…”

“… Mr. and Mrs., El Sr. y La Sra., Jose Peña”

Even as you read this you can see that even though its short and concise, there is a natural interruption. This is why I recommend to do it in one language, so that it can be smooth and you can use your a continuous rise in intonation and as a result you will get a louder, emotional response.

So it would go something like this…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Please rise and welcome, for the very first time as husband and wife… Mr. and Mrs. Jose Peña!”

What about the people that do not understand the language?

Well that’s a tough call the Bride and Groom or the Family of the Guest of Honor has to make, but it is my experience that doing the Grand Introduction in one language flows smoother, gets a stronger response, and there is less of a chance for the M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) to make a mistake.

Happy Planning!

Francisco H. Perez
“Simply Frank”
Your Bilingual Houston Disc Jockey


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