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Hard work pays off!!!

� Last year I wrote “Houston Wedding DJ and Houston Quinceañera DJ (Fantastic job planning)” when I started seeing huge success from my webiste, and I tried to give a small explanation of how my success came about. My success was not by mere luck, but because of hard work and determination. And to this day I am determined to be #1 in houston for weddings and quinceaneras. But of course I can only do the hard work, customers and clients will decide who indeed is #1.

This website has gained very high marks in the top 3 search engines. Yahoo, Google, and MSN. In fact if you head over to any of the 3, and type “Houston Wedding DJ” or “DJ in Houston” you will see for yourself what I mean. I am in the search engines for too many words to post on here, and most other DJ’s in Houston already know these words (except for the ones that are just starting out).

Here are a Few to try in Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

  1. Wedding DJ Houston
  2. DJ in Houston
  3. Houston DJ
  4. Houston Quinceanera DJ� (I should be #1 in all 3)
  5. quinceanera cakes houston

When I wrote “Houston Wedding DJ and Houston Quinceañera DJ (Fantastic job planning)” I had an average of� 30 unique visitors per day, or a total of 760 unique visitors,� visit my website for information. The number of hits or pages viewed for the month was 4,695.

Last month, January of 2007, only� 6 months later, I had an average of 62 unique visitors per day, or a total of 1,912 unique visitors for the whole month. The number of hits, or pages viewed were 7,283.

My stats have nearly doubled in that time.

It is not easy work, and not anyone can do it. It’s is almost as hard as planning somebody’s Wedding or Quinceanera. If you do not have the experience, it will take a long time to do it� right, or it will be done “half-ass.” Again, it is hard work to do it right.

My most visited articles here are for Wedding Songs or Quinceañera Songs. It seems that people are very interested in knowing what we, the DJs, will play at their reception.

I was even nice enough to list my competition on the right hand side. I realize not everyone knows how to get a top rank in the search engines, so I decided to give a few of my friends complimentary traffic, for knowing me. I also took the time to write an article about the different Professional Houston DJs, or� DJ’s in Houston, Texas� where I wrote out some of their information.

All this learning and knowledge has caused me to be giving and generous and to want to pass on my succes to my friends; my competition. And I’ve learned that in life you have to be humble about your� success, but� feel good about your accomplishments.

Francisco H. Perez
fhperez at

About the author: Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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