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The Art of Customer Service

This is the second of a two series (up to this point) “How to” that Mr. Guy Kawasaki has written about great customer service. I have just taken the time to read these two articles and I must say, there were some great ideas there that had not come to my attention.

The first one was keep customers in the Loop. As a Disc Jockey, it is essential that you keep your customer on top of things and it is essential that if something does happen at an event that you find a solution (two to three at best) and present that solution to your customer.

Most of the time, I see a lot of finger pointing and nobody takes the responsibility nor do they take the time to find the best possible solution to the problem. Finger pointing and Fingering the pointer are the second and third ideas that are great to avoid.

I invite you to read these two articles as well as all others that Mr. Kawasaki has offer.

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