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Bella Terrazza, Tuscany of Garden Oaks, Chef’s Table – Bankrupcy?

There is a phone number where brides can get information concerning the Bella Terrazza and Tuscany of Garden Oaks. It was just posted on the Knot at this link: http://talk.theknot.com/boards/main_frame.aspx?page=ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=121 and it is titled “Message from TGO/BT” Channel 11 KHOU has a forum topic Here: Bella Terrazza – Chimney Rock 77056 There are countless vendors … Read more

Post Hurricane Ike Devestations

So this morning I log into my visitor Tracking software and notice that hundreds of people are looking for information on Bella Terrazza on and The Tuscany of Garden Oaks. I do a little bit of research and I found a few interesting articles. Bella Terrazza and Tuscany of Garden Oaks File for Bankruptcy Channel … Read more

Hurricane Ike Damage Noticeable Around Houston

Hurricane Ike has come and gone, but it’s damage and aftermath is still here for us Houstonians to clean up. This past weekend I had two weddings cancel because of Hurricane Ike. Although, they will both probably reschedule, I feel really bad that they had to go through not only a Hurricane, but dealing with … Read more

How a non-Wedding DJ can ruin your reception

You’ve heard the rummors… You’ve heard the DJ stories… Hopefully, you have not ever experienced it… If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about… Non-Professionally trained wedding Dj’s that ruin a wedding! This weekend, I took the weekend off to spend with my family. We decided to attend a family event, which … Read more

Vargos Wedding: DJ in Houston

Vargos Wedding Pictures: DJ in Houston Pictures from a recent wedding in Vargos Restaurant In Houston Texas.  This was from a Latino Wedding. Great dancing and lots of fun. I was able to also help them webcast their wedding to their family in Peru and all over the world. They set up a web cam … Read more

Paraiso Marabilla Houston Wedding DJ Pictures

Here are the pictures that I promised from my last post, these should give you a good look at the venue. 322132243227323032393245324832513266329332753296329933083311331433023305331733203329333533683371321833773380340134103413344034493485319431973500