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Todd Cameron made a music video for the song A Little Bit Alexis with his collection of vintage Fisher Price toys.

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Stuart Derdeyn Nanaimo karaoke host and wedding DJ Todd Cameron, whose stop-motion film of the Schitts Creek song A Little Bit Alexis went viral with Vintage Fisher Price Toys. Photo by Todd Cameron /.jpg

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Todd Cameron can tell you all about the world of karaoke hosting and wedding DJ. The Nanaimo-based operator has split its time between the two appearances for the past 14 years.

When the COVID-19 pandemic ceased professional activities, Cameron decided to put his hand into filmmaking.

The results went viral in a good way.

Given the free time and pent-up creative energy, his wife suggested opening a TikTok account to publicize his various artistic projects. One of them was creating a music video. In particular, it pays homage to the globally successful Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek.

Cameron chose the A Little Bit Alexis tune for his stop-motion piece. A Little Bit Alexis was written and performed by actress Annie Murphy, who plays the character of Alexis Rose. She is the title track of the “critically reviewed, limited reality series” of her character of the same name. Dumb, catchy and memorable, the song seems ready for visual interpretation. The song had been a favorite of Cameron since he first heard it.


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“I had done an earlier parody for my niece of Justin Trudeau’s ‘wet talking’ comment titled ‘Squeaky Wet’,” he said. “It used my Fisher Price Woodseys (squirrels) and I had a lot of fun and it made the local news. I had loved A Little Bit Alexis since I first heard it on the show and thought I could use my huge vintage Fisher-Price toy collection for some fun. “

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Joking that his wife would say it was “too much,” Cameron’s Fisher Price toy collection continues to expand. He says he searches flea markets, thrift stores, and vintage stores to find classic toys from the manufacturer. Why?

“Because I have such fond memories of playing with them as a kid that they don’t go away, and I think everyone else who grew up with them feels the same,” he said. “Making the video gave me a reason to have all of these toys outside of the house to play with because I could tell I was doing my art. After everyone heard this, they could go and keep creating. “

He downloaded a stop motion app for his phone and set about making the video. The first version was less than a minute long and generated some TikTok traffic. At his wife’s suggestion, Cameron posted the video on Twitter and tagged the cast.

“Then I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning I had about 40 notifications from Twitter, which is not common,” he said. “As I scrolled down, I noticed that the show had retweeted it and called it” storytelling at its best. “Then Dan Levy, who is a creative hero of mine, retweeted it and called it a masterpiece it has over 150,000 views and constant retweets. “

After such positive feedback, he decided to do a full version of the video and really go to town. The final film lasted over 100 hours. It was done on his cell phone.

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“Just a few apps and a lot of the time I taught myself to figure it out was all it took,” he said. “I’ve always had trouble calling myself an artist, even though an earlier project called Alien Maternity Shoot attracted a lot of attention a few years ago. It had over 500,000 stocks from all over the world, but this one was special to me because it was brought to the attention of my creative heroes. “

Now that he’s become famous for A Little Bit Alexis, he says that a lot of new ideas come to mind. The next one will likely revolve around the 35th anniversary of the film Back to the Future.

“It’s part-live-action, part-stop-movement and tells my love story with my wife,” he said. “I suggested her 2015 at Universal Studios on Back to the Future Day, and we recreated the Enchantment Under the Sea dance for our wedding and announced our upcoming child with the help of the cast at the Calgary Fan Convention. So it’s kind of our personal trilogy narrated with some Back to the Future characters I have and other things. “

One idea that is unlikely to receive a video homage to Fisher-Price anytime soon has something to do with the # 1 song Cameron says he works out at weddings and karaoke every time.

“No question about it, Don’t Stop Believin ‘by Journey is number 1,” he said. “As soon as the piano is on, you can see people start getting upset. I think it’s a good song, but I have to admit that I’ve probably heard it enough for a while. “

Follow Todd Cameron’s other art projects on his Facebook, YouTube channel and Twitter @ toddcameron22.


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