Here is a short video of the uplights for a recent rental at the Tuscany Villa in Katy Texas.

Happy Planning!

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Professional Wedding DJ in Houston and Decor Lighting

By Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

3 thoughts on “Wedding DJ Up Lighting Rental at Tuscany Villa in Katy Texas”
  1. […] I have a previous video on Youtube and on this Blog with a different event that has the monogram on the floor and the uplighting set to a different color (blue). They were also taken at the Tuscany Villa in Katy Texas with all the lights on and since this the set up was actually done the day before the wedding, there are no pics or video from the wedding day itself as the lights were dimm. The link to the  Uplight and Monogram Video at The Tuscany Villa in Katy Texas. […]

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