Vargos Wedding: DJ in Houston

Vargos Wedding Pictures: DJ in Houston

Pictures from a recent wedding in Vargos Restaurant In Houston Texas.  This was from a Latino Wedding. Great dancing and lots of fun. I was able to also help them webcast their wedding to their family in Peru and all over the world. They set up a web cam at the bride and groom’s main talbe and using my AT&T wireless Air card we were able to transmit the entire wedding, toasts, speaches, singing and dancing all around the world. Neat stuff. I hear they were also dancing all over the world. So now I can say I have played for a few other countries around the world. :)

Here are the Pictures from the Wedding Reception at Vargos


Next time I will have to do a better job of taking pictures of the venue for you to see.

Happy Planning!

DJ Francisco
Professional Bilingual Wedding DJ in Houston

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