Quinceanera Songs: August 2007

This month I have my first Quinceañera of the month on Friday, August the 3rd. It will be in the east side of Houston in a Beautiful Venue. Of course I will be the DJ for that Quinceañera and I’ve talked to the Parents and the Quinceañera. The parents are a traditional Mexican Couple in their 40’s and this is going to be their very first Quinceañera they plan, so I was able to give them a lot of advice in making it flow smoothly.

I went with them last Saturday to the Wedding of mutual friends and they did not like the way the Wedding Reception flowed. The arrival of the guests was at 6:00pm, the dinner started at 6:30pm and was over at 7:30pm where normally, in a Hispanic Wedding, I would start the toast, the cutting of the cake and then do their first Dance, Parents Dances and a Special first dance for the family and guests. It looked like the DJ did not know what was going on, and worse it looked like he expected the Bride and Groom to tell him what to do, so at about 8:30pm the Bride and Groom were behind the DJ booth going over how they wanted things to happen. (????!!!!???) Not the place to do it, it took them nearly an Hour to figure out what was going on and by 9:30pm, all the formalities began. This of course was the DJ provided by the facility. It was easy for the parents of the Quinceañera to tell me what they wanted: To not have to go through all that at their event. It was horrible, the guests were complaining about how long it took to start dancing, some left before the first dance, and really it felt like nobody knew what was going on or what was next. I mean you tell me, who’s job is it to make sure things run smoothly and are completely organized and pre-planned???

Well, we discussed the planning and in about 1 hour, we had a completely planned Quinceañera Reception to their specific liking and even worked with the Choreographer to make the transitions run smoothly. I guess that is the difference between a Professional DJ, he just takes extra time to prepare, plan, and organize the Reception. Which is what I love to do.

So we discussed some of the songs that they wanted at their event.

Quinceañera Songs: Parents

They wanted music to cater to their adult guests, music like Cumbias, Norteñas, Merengue, Mexican Tejano. Some of the Names of some songs they mentioned were:

  • Fito Olivares: Aguita de Melon, Juana la Cubana, El Sapo
  • Aniceto Molina: Cumbia Sampuesana, Cumbia Campanera
  • Celso Piña: Cumbia Sobre el Rio, Cumbia Poder
  • Tigeres del Norte: La Sorpresa
  • Beto Quintanilla: Le Compre la Muerte a Mi Hijo
  • Elvis Crespo: Suavemente, Tu Sonrisa
  • Pesado, Duelo, Intocable…
  • Los Rieleros

So this is a typical song list that I would use for Mexican Adults, songs they grew up with and a few that are recent that fall into the style that they like. And I always ask, I never assume, what they like because there really is no way of knowing what they want and don’t want played at their event.

Some DJ’s say they can tell what kind of music you like just by talking to you and the way you look, but that’s HORSE RADISH!!! You can’t tell me that, because you see someone, dressed very clean, pressed, and in boots, you can assume that all they like is Country Music.

Quinceañera Songs: Quinceañeara and Friends

Basically, she is 14 year old, going on 15; is a Freshman or Sophomore in High School; wants her cool friends and close buds to have a good time and to hear the songs they are growing up with or identifying with; and they want the party to be just that, a teen party. The songs she selected for dancing are:


  • Angle & Khriz: Ven Bailalo
  • Wisin & Yandel: Mayor Que Yo, Rakata
  • Daddy Yanky: Gasolina, Rompe
  • Don Omar (The King of Kings): Salio el Sol, Dile, Ella y Yo
  • Looney Toons
  • Shakira: La Tortura


  • Aventura: Angelito, Los Infieles, Obsesion
  • Optimo: Falta Amor, Conectate
  • Xtreme: Shorty Shorty, Honey I do, Te Extrano, Ya No Aguanto Mas
  • Monchy & Alejandra: Hoja en Blaco, Que Tontos Y Locos


  • Elvis Crespo: Suavemente, Tu Sonrisa
  • Fulanito: Guallando, El Padrino
  • Oro Solido, Grupo Mania,


  • Cupid: Cupid Shuffle
  • Casper: Cha Cha Slide
  • Usher: Yeah
  • T-Pain: Buy U A Drank
  • Lloyd: Get it Shawty
  • Fergie: Fergalicious
  • Black Eyed Peas: My Humps, Get it Started
  • Huey: Pop, Lock & Drop It
  • Shop Boys: Party Like a Rock Star

These are just the favorites of our Quinceañera event that will happen on August 03, 2007 which falls on a Friday. So there is something for everyone, songs for the adults, and songs for the teenagers. Also there are some songs considered for the people that were flying in from Mexico.

Happy Planning!!

Francisco H. Perez
Your Elegant DJ in Houston

About the author: Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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