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How Can I, as a DJ, help you?

How’s it going Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Frank Perez (AKA Simply Frank) with Elegante Entertainment.

I hope you are having a wonderful day today, if you are in Houston, or live, in Houston, I hope you are getting back on track and returning to your regular schedule, after the devastating flooding and hurricane that hit Houston a few weeks ago.

Houston’s Wedding industry is going through a lot of event re-scheduling because either, you, the bride and groom, were affected directly by the hurricane, or your venue was the one affected, and I’ve even had 1 client reschedule their wedding because, not them but, their immediate family was affected by the hurricane and flooding. so they wanted to be respectful to their family and guests that were going to attend and be part of their wedding reception.

The purpose of this video, is something that I’ve had in mind for a very long time.

I am going to start making videos that help you with your wedding entertainment. Whether it’s planning the entertainment events during the wedding, organizing the music, covering playlists, or any other challenge that you may have at this time.

I want to help you tackle those challenges and get you going with your wedding entertainment planning.

So what I want you to do right now is use the comment section below, and tell me, what is your #1 challenge right now, in planning your wedding reception?

Is it the wedding itinerary? Is it music selection? Is it trying to find the best song for your first dance? What is it that is holding you back right now?

Write it out below and I will go through the questions and take some time to answer them in the next week or so.

That’s it for today, I’m really looking forward to those comments and questions.

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Have Fun!!

About the author: Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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