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Most of the time we do not know the meanings of flowers and we create a bouquet because we like the color. has posted an article with the meanings of flowers so that you can create the perfect, meaningful bouquet. Or you can take a look if you ever been curious of what flowers meant. (This is applicable for both weddings and quinceañeras)
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Acacia is the flower of friendship.
Agrimony is a flower associated with gratitude.
Ambrosia is the flower for love returned.
Anemone is the flower of expectation
Apple Blossoms are for hope.
Aster is a flower associated with elegance.
Azaleas are the flowers of temperance.
Baby’s breath is the flower of innocence.
Bay Laurel is the flower of glory.
Calla Lilies are for Beauty.
Cemellias stand for loveliness.
Carnations represent devotion.
Chrysanthemums are the flowers of abundance.
Daffodils represent regard.
Daisies are flowers that stand for gentleness.
Forget-me-nots are flowers of remembrance.
Freesias are flowers of innocence.
Gardenias stand for purity.
Heathers are the flowers for future fortune.
Heliotropes like carnations mean devotion.
Ivy is equated with fidelity
Larkspur is the flower of laughter.
Laurels represent peace.
Lilacs are for humility.
Lilies stand for majesty.
Lilies of the Valley are the flowers of happiness.
Myrtle is the flower of rememberance.
Orange blossoms like Gardenias are associated with purity.
Orchids are equated with rare beauty.
Parsley represents the beginning.
Peonies are for bashfulness.
Queen Anne’s Lace means trust.
A Rose of course is the flower of love.
Rosemary is the flower of remembrance and has the same meaning as a forget-me-not.
Sage represents immortality.
Stephanotis represents marital happiness.
Thyme stands for courage.
Tulips are for passion.
Violets are for modesty.
and finally, the Zinnia represents affection. “

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