WHY ADVERTISE at FHP Entertainment ???

  1. You get Targeted Visitors to your Webiste.
  2. We place a valuable link to your Website.
  3. You get to see exactly how many visitors go to your Webiste.
  4. We will send you as many if not more visitors than any other Website.

The Numbers:

We get an average of 100+ visitors A DAY (400+ Visitors per day in Nov and Dec 2010) and they are all looking for either information, wedding oriented services, or some sort of help with their event. In January 2008, we got 3455 (Update: November 2010 12,580) unique visitors passing through our website and they were all looking for different things related to the wedding industry. Some were looking for venues, some for cakes, some for photographers, and some for a little of everything. 3455 (12,580) !!!!!! Let me put it into perspective… That’s A LOT!!! More than A LOT of those wedding websites that you pay to be in.


We track all our visitors and the search terms they use. Here are just a few of the search terms for January-February 2008. All these visitors see the ads on the right hand side of out page and click on them.

5 Top Search Terms from Google

  1. reception halls in houston
  2. Ballrooms in houston
  3. wedding cakes houston
  4. houston photographers
  5. Houston Bridal Open House

5 Top Search Terms from Yahoo!

  1. quinceanera decorations
  2. wedding itinerary
  3. reception hall houston
  4. houston wedding dj
  5. houston open house

Your ad will be Exclusive

We are only allowing a small number of ads to appear on our website. We want to help our brides, not overwhelm them with ads. For that reason, we are only allowing 1-2 advertisers per category. Right now the ad size is a small banner that is 120 pixels wide. Big enough for you to put your name and what you provide, or a scan of your business card.

How to Advertise with Us

Advertising is ease, all you have to do is contact us at the email address info (at) fhpentertainment (dot) com, and of course you replace (at) with the @ sigh and the (dot) with the dot… In the subject line just say you are interested in advertising on our website..