Why this Blog !

This blog was started with a couple of intentions in mind.

Number 1, was to be able to reach out to more brides and to offer my unique services. I’ve always been a lover of music and I’ve always loved to dance. I used to hate it when a DJ at a party could not play 2 or 3 songs that were either good or danceable. I wanted to dance all night and I wanted to hear good music, the hits of all the genres I loved (which was anything from Latin Music, to Hip Hop, to Pop Music, to Country, to Tejano Music). I think that’s what drove me the most to becoming a Disc Jockey, that too many DJ’s could not play appropriate music at parties. Because of my love of a wide variety of music and because of my love for dancing, I think I have been really successful at being able to play for any crowd that can present itself. As I write this article, I’ve just done a wedding where the bride and groom wanted and loved nothing but country music, including some great Texas Country music, The night before I was the Disc Jockey where the bride and groom wanted anything from Top 40, to Hip Hop, to some Classic Rock. I think tihs month, December 2010, I’ve only had 1 Latino Wedding, where both the bride and groom were Latinos. All weddings this month were 100% Successful. I think all weddings this year, 2010, have been 100% Successful. And By successful I mean, there were no mistakes by playing the wrong song for the traditional dances, there was always people on the dance floor, at the end of the night I got a thank you from the Bride and Groom, and most of the time, the father of the bride walked over to my table and shook my hand, Most of the the time the bride and groom cannot find the words to thank me… I love what I do, I love my clients, and I love the memories I help them create!

Number 2, to be able to express myself on certain topics and on certain events that go on in this industry. This way you can see how I think, who I really am, how I express myself and you can get a little bit of an insight into who I really am. One of the things you will notice is that I am horrible at grammar…*smiley face* I actually failed my college entrance exam in reading and writing, but I aced my mathematics section… That’s who I am, a math nerd who struggles with reading and writing. I think if anyone would quiz me right now, over 14 years since I graduated from High school, I would be able to do really good at college algebra or even some Calculus (Calculus never stuck with me because I learned it in college, where you have like 1 minute to learn 1 chapter, lol, or at least it feels that way).

Don’t you just hate it when you go to someone’s page and they write about themselves in 3rd person? LOL… Who are you fooling, everyone knows you wrote your on bios… Why do people write… XYZ company is owned and operated by JJ, JR who has a passion for his work… I don’t do that, I think you know I am the owner, I will be the one who will DJ your event (If I’m available for the date that you inquire and my dates book up fast, so hurry up and inquire if you are interested) and I want you to know who I am before you even inquire about my services.

Happy Planning!
Francisco H. Perez
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