Unique Wedding Monogram / Gobo Designs

Personalization of a wedding can take form in various forms. One of the most popular forms to personalize a wedding reception is to add your signature to it. Well, not necessarily a signature but a you could start with the initials of the Bride and the Groom along with the initial of the Groom’s Last name. Take this creation and project it into a wall (or the dance floor for a beautiful, eye catching decoration on the wall or the dance floor.

The overall design of the Monogram should be a direct reflection of the bride and groom’s style. Some are more traditional than other, others like their monogram to be really elegant, and others want it to be as wild as their love for each other.

This Saturday, November 13th, I have the privilege of working with the later… A couple who’s personalities are completely opposites but their love for each other is as wild as it gets. Taking that into consideration, I designed 3 sets of monograms for their Gobo creation. I started conservatively and created 5 ‘traditional’ monograms and one that was a little ‘creative.’ Even though I knew it was not something they would go with, I wanted to give them the chance to look at some of the traditional ones, with their names.

As I suspected, they opted for the more ‘creative’ one, the bottom right and also showed interest in the Bottom Left one.

So the second set of Monograms that I created looked a little bit more wild and unique. They Loved these…

On this set, they loved a combination of things… The Crazy G on the second one on the right and the bottom left… So I gave them one more set of options to chose from. This set I concentrated on the second one to the right, and gave them a few different looks.

So needless to say they loved these!

So which one did they choose? Well, I will post pictures after the wedding…

Happy Planning
Francisco H. Perez
‘Your’ Houston Wedding DJ

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